Monday, June 27, 2011

Nice Pubic Hair for Aiko4

This is one of the simplest, yet most effective "Public Hair" sets for Aiko4.  Trying to put the pubs on the skin texture never makes it sharp.  Other 'objects' tend to be overkill and hard to fit. I started using this one ("Deep Quark Secrets Public Hair for Aiko3") back before Aiko4 existed.

The pose file in the attached ZIP fits the Aiko3 object nicely to Aiko4. (Okay ... now I have to find a place to upload a ZIP file ... for now you can get the DQS object and manually tweak the 4 base settings shown below.)

Aiko_PubicHair manual changes from Aiko3 default
Scale: None
Rotat: x:4%, y:0 Z:0
Trans: x:-0.002, y:0.172, z:0.080

You can get the original object here:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nadiy Aiko4 - WIP

Here is a sample - working on Nadiy's clothing.  After all, she is a very serious safety freak!  Safe!  Safe! Safe!  Yet, let's see how many of Davo's creations suit an Aiko4!  This outfit so far includes DAZ3d basic-wear, the K4 skater helmet and LitFlame's Heavy Leather.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Old Stuff - Mehov

I am still working on new clothing textures for Nadiy, but so this blog isn't so boring, here is Mehov - literally one of my first few Poser renders, made before I even understood GIMP and layers well.  I spent a huge amount of time playing with the lighting.  Probably have 6 or 7 lights in there.  She is an A3, since A4 didn't exist back in 2008!

Title: Ancient Art of Fae-Arrangement

A noble hobby indeed - the wrong guy discovered an ancient book. It explained the rare mineral oil mixture to burn to trap and stupefy the Fae-Folk. Such fine work, yet I doubt the poor lass will express admiration for the fine craftsmanship involved in her metallic adornment ... once the fool runs out of oil to burn ... which he certainly will ... some day.  I certainly would not want a magical lass so pissed at me!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello - Nadiy's New Job!

Images to follow.  Dear Nadiy has finally found a job - working for Yidan (also know as Evil Twin).  The new job is risky and at times painful, but she is after all testing the safety of V4 things for use by her sister Aiko4 folks, so it is a worth cause!