Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Idle Hands - Ionic Buzz

Lieutenant Zirwinski has too much free time on her hands! (See her first post to understand why: Idle Hands)

Lieutenant Zirwinski just loves her new safety-suit! It just arrived on the last monthly stealth supply-run, with a note from her boss's boss that she was was to test it out in the ionic-polarization tubes ... of course she hasn't yet noticed that Drone #28 is filing her personal journal tapes and "Starlet Practice" videos back at Security-Command. Nor can she guess that her boss's boss is making a tidy profit by beaming excerpts of her work out as a "cultural education channel" for men at lonely outposts.

Zirwinski is amazed at the progress being made the the military - such a comfortable high-tech safety-suit! And it looks good on her as well. Maybe all of your complaints about outfits are finally being heeded.

The hat is a bit heavy though - and will give her 'hat hair'. But Zirwinski assumes the suit is nearly as safe without the hat.

By the way, this is her impression of John Wayne watching the cattle cross the river in that old flick about the Rio Grande. Pretty good eh? You can almost hear the buzz of the flies, and smell the B.S. lying all around!

And you may ask "What is wrong with the old safety suit? After all, it is designed to keep her lovely body safe ... "

Well, here is you answer! Horrors! Look at this thing! Can you image what would happen if a talent-scout just happened to crash-land on her impossibly-remote, military-secret moon at the edge of a rival empire and saw her working in this thing! You know how important first impressions are!

Being ahead of schedule ... Zirwinski assumes some more Starlet practice is in order, plus she has been experimenting! Experimental theater is good to dabble in. The safety suit testing can wait. Here she is being serious - Clint Eastwood style. Clint Eastwood never needed a safety suit!

Zirwinski's sharp eye detects an anomaly! Could it be an enemy device designed to destroy her defenses, leaving the thousands of helpless young women on the planet vulnerable to rape and pillage? She stoically asks all the other women to stand back. She will investigate ... and report.

As the alien device activates, Zirwinski betrays poetic astonishment. What is this?

Of course, Zirwinski knows what it is ... just the catalytic injector, which disperses water mist to be ionized - good ol's H2O. Yet she is acting astounded. Pretty good astonishment, yes?

With skill and grace, Zirwinski insures the surface is moist for good contact.

Of course, she has swapped the pure, sterilized water for a slightly syrupy blue-raspberry tea, which makes a much better lubricant.

Next Zirwinski warms the injector ... or is it warming her? Keep in mind, this is her own "experimental" method of maintaining the ionic-polarization tubes.

After all, those busy scientists and engineers at Mega-Corp couldn't possibly have thought of everything! She especially loves the way the injector hums, and the fragrance as the warm raspberry syrup injected began to drip down her leg.

Pow! Now here's the kicker! The Ionic discharge event.

One might almost guess that the avoidance of this event was what the safety suit was designed for. But Zirwinski's not worried. That old suit was so icky ... she never wore it anyway ... and she wasn't dead yet!

The best part was of course AFTER the arc was established - why she needed a good conductive lubricant in the first place. Pretty mind numbing ... a bit pussy numbing as well, but given the military didn't permit Zirwinski to receive any beer or other intoxicants, this was a pretty good substitute.

Still, after the mind-numbing, nothing beat a good DP session with Benny, his hydraulic "improvements" pumped to the max. Un-numbed the lower regions good.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Working on Links - and how to backup Blogger

Made the blog wider; began trying to understand the gadgets and links. Also installed picasa to look at my blogger images - oddly, it seems to save everything without regards to replacement. So I've learned to rename each file, so I can easily see the obsolete ones.

Any good suggestions on how to 'really' backup a blog 100%? I see lots of partial answers on the web.

First stab at a banner - I will have to fine tune this. Also updated my blog header to fit the new width. Housekeeping didling.

Also in some upcoming work - Lieutenant Zirwinski longs for a better safety suit ... can you image what would happen if a talent scout just happened to crash-land on her impossibly-remote, military-secret moon at the edge of a rival empire and saw her working in this thing! You know how important first impressions are!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quonset Hut - Unauthorized testing

Flashback - as you may recall ...
... the boss had just caught Nadiy doing some unauthorized testing! Sounds innocent enough, but it can be quite dangerous because Nadiy tends to skip reading the manuals.

So Yidan-the-good-Boss helps Nadiy get back on schedule. No talk about punishment - yet. It makes Nadiy skeptical, as she's spent a lifetime with her big sister (big by a few seconds). Here Yidan helps adjust and tighten the metal cuffs which come with Davo's Quonset Hut. They are not as comfortable as LF's cuffs, but a test is a test.

Here we go - the Boss amends the test plan to include five lashes for unauthorized testing. of course she has the right to amend the test-plan: she the boss, HR department, payroll, judge jury and executioner. Small companies can be fun! Yet safety is important as well. (The spreader bars are from Davo's Tight V4 II kit. The riding crops is also Davo's - Whips and Clubs collection.)

Nadiy wasn't so pleased with the amended test plan - but Yidan is warming to it. And in truth, the trashing hasn't dried Nadiy's pussy any ... she sticks to this job and has put up with her demi-twin's handling for a reason.

Back to the old "lateral shake-stress tests". Most bosses love a captive audience when they explain the way the world works.

So Yidan carefully explains the fuck-machine safety guidelines - including it's novel anal-mode, which Nadiy hadn't thought to investigate. Yet in all, I think a good time is being had by all. Nadiy is 'tight' in normal times; Yidan is very filling of such tightness, yet add the bulk of the "UUT" or unit-under-test and tightness and fillingness don't adequately describe things!

Yet I wonder, do fuck-machines dream of electric-sheep? Hmm.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Quonset Hut - PostTable

I really like this prop - the Quonset Hut Post-Table. Not sure Nadiy agrees, but she is just hired help :) At least I (and Yidan) allowed Nadiy to spruce up the color and finish of the drab original. It has nice detail and fits Aiko4 fairly well )minor adjustments required)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quonset Hut Prequel

Okay, been busy - still painting the house inside! But I have wound the video-tape back farther and discovered more secrets in the progress of Nadiy's next job: Davo's Quonset Hut.

Nadiy is standing by - plans are filed (not that the boss always follows plans!)

The boss is late. Nadiy examines the new equipment to test. This bit seems to catch her eye. Why? Interesting.

Well, ya know ... the boss is late - might be very late. Nadiy should get busy and do some work. Yes? Earn her pay? Yes!

Nice. Now this is a sweet piece of hardware - Nadiy won't mind one in her dorm room! Smooth reciprocal action. Smart depth sensor; just the slighted hint of 'thud'. Heated, vibrating head. Quality stuff!

oops! The boss wasn't quite as late as Nadiy had assumed, and Queen Yidan doesn't seem pleased to have unauthorized testing in progress! This certainly wasn't on the published test plan.

Zuekks! What will happen to our dear Nadiy? Will our errant heroine be ground into hamburger? Feed to the Sharks? Not likely ... but I am out of time for this weekend (maybe).

Monday, August 15, 2011

Some first tests with Davo's Quonset Hut

Odd place for a science lab - the old quonset hut! :)

No full set yet - no time. Been painting the house ... an orange, purple and peach (actually, a Ginger-Root, Treaded-Grape and Melodious-Peach). Not what I would have picked .. I just move brushes up and down! But they actually don't look too bad as both the Ginger and Grape are brownish, stylish.

Nadiy is standing by - plans are filed (not that the boss always follows plans!)

Yidan helped Nadiy into this rather tight bind - the Post Table. Now Ydan seems to be probing and lubing things, getting ready for the next step.

There, Nadiy is plugging in ... for something important I guess. And Yidan is plugged in ... probably just "Because it's there", meaning Nadiy's deep, accommodating throat. Yidan did discover the angle of attack was bet low at that end, but she is accommodating as well. I think next steps are waiting for somethings to charge ... and other things to discharge.

More will be added later.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Idle Hands - Devils Workshop in Outer Space

Oohh! A space opera! In a galaxy far, far away ...

Lieutenant Zirwinski has too much free time on her hands! As the only human stationed on Corbid IV Moon II (Cor4Mn2), she has to get creative with her free time. The outpost is really nothing but a "Canary", a faint techno-blip the federation monitors for early warning. So 74 last-generation battle-drones and Lieutenant Zirwinski wait here, dangling for the powerful Armbrodita empire to notices.

Why is Zirwinski even here? The Snordian Accords - the aged drones employed here require a human mind to authorize the initiation of battle. You may remember, Snordian was a mining colony where the mining AI refused to halt production despite the human miners calling for an evacuation. The AI judged the need for the minerals to outweigh the risks detected - of course in the end, the humans had misdiagnosed the situation and the AI had been correct.

Still, the Snordian Accords required that human minds were required to change activities, and that AI needed to obey such human direction.

She is also here - alone on the edge of nowhere - because several of her past commanders have tagged her as troublesome.

How is she trouble? Why, she has drone #28 video her doing ... fun things. You see, Zirwinski would rather be a movie star! That is the problem. She was built from warrior stock, making it impossible that she wants to be a movie star - especial ones named Paz-Zir, as that is the stage name Lieutenant Zirwinski performs under.

And oddly, she has a diehard fan even - Drone #28! It takes him 6 days to comment on her work. So very odd! And Zirwinski didn't even think a battle drone could have opinions on artist talent.

Of course the 6 days makes sense if you take into account the 3 day transmission lag from the Corbid system to nearest military security post.

For you see, security feeds from dead moons like Cor4Mn2 are as exciting as the live feeds from the FGGI (Federation Grass-Growing Institute) ... that is, all the feeds except those Drone #28 files in the central core. Seems Lieutenant Zirwinski overlooked this one small detail - that her starlet-practice videos probably shouldn't be logged into the official files.

Still, she sure livened up the evening beer-time at the security post. The men programmed the systems to analyse and highlight her days videos into a 30 minute slot, then started charging the other mates credits to see her perform.
Of course this beer-time shenanigans ended when the base commander discovered their little business. He instead recognized the honest, personal expression this Paz-Zir lass put into her works. Plus since she often recited Shakespeare or Keaton as she 'performed' (meaning stripped), some careful editing, including only the start of various performances, allowed him to syndicate the "Soliloquies of Paz-Zir" as a private cultural enrichment feed.

This meant freighters and remote military bases could pay for the feed and earn 'cultural' credits. Of course, it was imperative that none of the bureaucrats assigning that rating see the real feed! Still, she was popular and becoming famous in the outer rim.
So why does Par-Zir strip as she quotes her Shakespeare? Well, you see she consulted with a few experts on becoming a starlet, and they had all stressed several things.

First, they all insisted it was critical she be able to remove her clothing gracefully and completely, without embarrassment or self-consciousness. They all made her practice this skill every time she came for another consulting sessions, which she of course paid for!

Second, they all had (remember, the first expert had introduced her to the other 4!) stressed the need for a deep voice to throw her words out clearly. And how to strength this? Why, by stretching the throat, a male phallus being the idea stretcher. Again, she practiced this time and time again.

Third, they all voiced confidence in what they called the inner spirit - letting the beast roar. And for this, the idea practice was the letting loose of her feeling, roaring out her ecstasy during repeated feminine orgasms.

The experts often brought in outside help, to help Par-Zir with her graceful bearing of her self, her deep-throat stretching, and her roaring of ecstasy. Lieutenant Zirwinski always felt guilty, that she should pay the consultants extra for having so much help!

Given Lieutenant Zirwinski was supposed to be a breed warrior, you can image how difficult it was for the military to tolerate Zirwinski's insistence upon training to be a starlet in her off-hours.

She was always being charged with dereliction, yet she would always find some kind old higher-up commander who would agree to consider the evidence - witness her graceful removal of clothing, agree to her powerful deep-throated voice as it wrapped around a phallus, and finally commend her her roaring of soul.

Finally, she was sent out to Corbin IV, as hopefully a final closure of the problem.
The Invasion: On no! This is so terrible! An Armbrodita solder approaches, and our fair maiden Lieutenant Zirwinski is not only alone ... but, err ... butt-naked. Who will save her?

Got chah: Lieutenant Zirwinski pulled a fast one over on her adoring fans (all 1 of them!). It's not an Armbrodita solder - just one of their drones she found stashed in a storage shed. For you see, only about 1 in 20 Armbrodita 'solders' contains a bio-form. The other 19 are automated buddies, who just follow the lead of the real Armbrodita solder they serve.

She reactivated the drone, and named it Benny.

Benny's been feeling a little down lately, so Zirwinski has been 'fixing' him up - adding some much needed renovations. Fortunately, the Armbrodita drone works on hydraulics, so a gal can do wonders with inflatable parts.

So hydraulics, pumps, oils, vibration, endless cycles - Lieutenant Zirwinski is pretty pleased with her handy work.

Those well-cycled hydraulic oils warm up something feirce after an hour or two - in fact that is a weakness in the Armbrodita troops - their suits show up like 4th of July fireworks on any thermal scans. Course, warm oils, pulsations and pumping are just what Lieutenant Zirwinski ordered.

If you enjoy Lieutenant Zirwinski's artistic work, you will find 22 images of her (without Benny) here.

Credits [P8 and GIMP][Aisling for A4][Posh Hair][Eve Clothes][The DM Unit][Crastes by StoneMason][Jepes SteamZ][EOTS background by digimc][VAP Grim for M3]

Monday, August 1, 2011

Born in need of punishment.

Some Elven noblewomen are born naughty and in desperate need of punishment. Unfortunately, I have never meet such a lady ... fortunately, my cousin sent me these photos of one such naughty elf - damn his soul to @$%#.

A4 with fun stuff from Davo. Hope she is cleansed as required.