Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shop Early for Christmas!

(Okay, lah! Sorry! A bit early for Christmas advertising ... but my inventory is eating me out of house & home! Playing with some new acquisitions!)

Catalog number #12-MELF-03: It's true - bad things can be good! Just in time for your Christmas holiday giving! Now that you've bought that shrill, whinny @$^#$& her &%#&& diamond ring ... why don't you buy something far better (and likely cheaper) for yourself! You deserve it! Give yourself a gift too!

Due to the recent norng-root famine in West Cornivia, the elves are farming out some extra mouths, thus such a sweet little beauty can be yours! (Disclaimer: model shown is representative only - you won't receive this exact model ... model shown is already mine!) (Disclaimer: she isn't really yours ... as a living Elf with valid passport, restrictions apply - think of her as on very long-term loan!)

She comes with all the accessories shown, and since the average age of a West Cornivian marsh-elf is 450 years, she'll look this fatally luscious far longer than you can do anything about it! (Disclaimer: estate planning required, and no, you can't take her to your grave with you!)

FINE PRINT: Legal restrictions (and sanctions) apply. You need to of course feed and satisfy your '12-MELF-03'. She is legally entitled to an annual review by the West Cornivia Council (estimated annual fee: 550-thords). Should you be found to have deprived her of food or comfort, you risk forfeiting her custody and suffering a 21,000-thord fine. So boys (and girls) feed her, fuck her, and keep her happy! Should she die under your care, expect a protracted legal entanglement and possibly incarceration. Male models available (special order) as catalog number #12-MELF-04.

Credits: [P8 and GIMP][Pandora morphe/texture for V4/A4/G4 by *Blazerwiccan*][Customs Ear for V4/A4 by WhoppersDesign & Pixpax][Violet Hair by Lady Littlefox][Light Box by Lully][Neck To Arms Restraints, Heavy Leather Cuffs, & Chastity by LitFlame][toy by JoeKurz][Classiest Vibrator by Bracer][massa_g by gachidom][bull-whip by Davo]

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Angel Visits

A simple pin-up, my favorite girl nadie. Huge render time due to the wings and hair! I'm not used to time over 10 minutes with a quad i7, but them's the breaks.

Credits [P8 and GIMP][Nadia for A4, patslash/RDNA][Dreamer Wings, Darkworld/DAZ][Heaven Sent clothing, goldtassel/DAZ][Jepes SteamZ][DMR DreamArt]

Monday, September 19, 2011

Better Art?

She also can do it without the pants - see? Just in case you doubted!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Auto-Delinquent Washer - Reika Tribute

A tributes to Reika and his Prop Shop - Yidan tests an automatic delinquent washer for the local school district. You know how it is, those delinquent students with their poor hygiene, excessive piercings and dripping, chair-staining vagina's due to illegal sexual activity in school! This baby is eco-friendly, natural and organic. Hold the press. See it on the 9 o'clock news. Couldn't ask for anything better ... just needs some careful testing. Yidan, and therefore Nadiy, accepted the contract.

Some of you will remember with fondness our fallen comrade Reika, as in Reika's Prop Shop. A few years ago he was unstoppable, cranking out the wildest metal-frames imaginable for free. Then he tried to sell things ... and the creativity stopped. Likely he graduated from university, and had to start working for living :) Oh well, life happens!

by the way, this baby sucked nearly an hour out of my i7 quad-core and P8. Not many renders can demand such a price, plus I did go in and change the material on the internal piping, which Reika defaults to pure reflective chrome - aka: more CPU sucking wonder.

Anyway, check out his work at his own site, or at where he moved his downloads. This CPU-cycle bastard is at: Reika's Binding Water Tank.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nadiy being Artsy

Her boss off on a secret mission - Nadiy has time to be artsy - and to play with dynamic cloth. Rather fun stuff.

But do not fear, her quite fun will be altered once her boss returns and finds her at play!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Classic Still-Life - Art at its finest!

Here is another old classic image, rendered with a dozen different lights before setting on this one:

Ah, classic art at its finest - a still-life with drink, fruits and wild-game harvested by the accomplished country-gentleman. Appears to be one of those Elf-beasts which infest the upper pasture-forest. What a way to demonstrate cultural refinement and polish!

I actually think this model was Victoriana (scaled-teen for V4) by talented Tim Polmear - before he deleted his 3D freebie site and rather vanished from the scene. Then again, releasing a vagina-model called 'girl-gear' for a V4 model designed to look 10 years old wasn't the sanest thing to do under ones real name! Pity. If you ever have the opportunity to download Victoriana, then do so. She is still floating around the Bit-Torrent world. Tim's poss set for her is wonderfully clean and comprehensive - standing, sitting, squatting ... you name it. Plus they can be applied to heavily morphed Aiko4 and even M4. I use them as the basis for many of my poses.

This prop and pose is from Davo's Devious Devices Pack #3.

Looking at these old files, I did a quick render of the 'wild-game' from behind, simple IBL lighting but changed to use Red-Viper's dirty warehouse.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good help is hard to find ...

It is interesting to look back and see one's "phases". This old set was from my "problems I wish I had" phase - along with my "heavy AO lighting" phase. I like the series, and it did well comment-wise at my JoeAnnie account at Renderotica.

We hired a new upstairs maid 17 days ago. Perhaps it was a mistake - she lacked the experience and skills of the other candidates. Yet she begged for a chance to improve her skills, promising to learn well, to suffer any means of correction required.

Oh bother ... she claims to have folded another towel backwards or something - she is her own worst critic. I for one can't tell the difference between a towel folded correctly and one folded backwards!

Regardless, she does not seem to learn as quickly as one might hope. Just this morning she started sweeping at the wrong end of the hall ... I guess that matters ... somehow. Fortunately she caught her own mistake and I had to spend over an hour down here 'correcting' her. Now the backwards towels again!

(* Sigh *) One would almost suspect that this serf enjoys these sessions down here ... alone with her mistress ... flesh quivering as she accepts her 'correction'. Well excuse me ... Lordily duties call. We must keep a firm hand. I shall persevere with this one!

Here is the 'original' series, which I did NOT like the lighting of. Too plasticy. So I redid with new lighting sets.

Okay, so this morph is a V4-based one. She still is A4-ish :)

Credits [P8 and GIMP][Daphni for V4][Long Maid Dress][Posh Hair][Downstairs by Davo][Bondage Horse by AD/The Aesthetic Demon]