Monday, October 31, 2011

Day at the Beach

This series will grow over the next week - Yidan and Nadiy decide to go to the beach!

Wonderful day - amazing, and the beach is so empty! Must be that rumor on the news yesterday that a school of renegade, migrating sharks had eaten 73 people! Horrible news! Course the park-folks, police and hospitals all denied any such event had occurred, plus even the shark experts had come out and said sharks don't migrate in schools like that!

Still, one cannot blame the public for being cautious ... I'm just surprised that Yidan isn't more concerned - she tends to be ultra careful with her own safety, plus hate crowds. Maybe she's just being stubborn, not letting the news about the sharks deter her - or perhaps she was smart enough to have realized that the shark story was fake!

Say, what is that thing she's carrying ... a dwarvian war-hammer? Naw, can't be. Maybe they need a volleyball net put up.

Oh, I see what the hammer was for. Nadiy needs to work on her tan (& tan lines) but is notoriously impatient with the wait. So Yidan, loving elder sister is helping her relax and stay in one spot until well-done.

(I'll add more tomorrow .. and yes, eventually Davo toys come meekly into play :-] )

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Doctor Livingstone?

Sir Henry Morton Stanley had trudged for months through this dense jungle hell. The New York Herald had so far provided - and continued to provide - ample cash for his efforts ... yet both he and his boss were wearing thin.

Suddenly he say someone approach, was it ...? Deflate ... He didn't think so.

"You are not Doctor Livingstone, I presume?" rambled the tired, great-white hunter.

"You presume correctly," purred the feminine ... thing. "But he was rather tasty while he could perform! I hope you can do better."

A silly simple pinup of Yidan in the wilds. Her 'thing' is packed to travel-size, actually slipped up inside her own pussy. The swimsuit is an incredible A4-friendly freebie at sharecg.

Yidan : [Nadie for A4][skin is custom][Wynter Hair by AprilYSH][Mitsu Hair by 3D Universe][Earrings, Nose knocker, collar by Inception8][SuperSexy for V4/A4 by Tentman at sharecg][DM's Druid Valley][Various Daz animals]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nadiy NOT at Work

Nadiy doesn't always work ... on her rare evening off, she goes down to small bar near the tire factory. Due to the fragrant nature of the neighborhood, she is the only woman who goes there. Does she get noticed? probably, but the local guys are too gentlemanly to do much about it.

Or they think a cute elf all alone with pink slave-cuffs is too much trouble waiting to happen! Could be, you know how chicken guys are about sexy gals!

Of course she doesn't go alone - she has Jimmy come with her ... because Nadiy is terribly shy! She can't just stand there and say "Okay, boys, come and fuck me silly." So Jimmy starts the ball rolling, clipping her wrists together.

Then he starts with the easy things, hinting at the possibilities for the other patrons. You might think he's unusually large ... well, he is. Jimmy helps out at Yidan's testing company, and she used some magic to make him worthy of servicing Yidan, when she's in the mood for a good pussy pounding.

How can Nadiy take it all? Well, due to her sister's meddling, Nadiy has no gag reflex.

The rest is just fantasy nonsense :)

Once Jimmy is getting down to serious business, he usually has a few volunteers.

Volunteers are helpful, keeping Nadiy in place.

Volunteers get rewarded.

And once Jimmy is done, he leaves Nadiy behind, as the men work on her one-by-one or two-by-two. Nadiy doesn't really care ... more of her sister's meddling with Nadiy's biology. Once Nadiy starts coming, she drifts along in a blissful haze as long as someone keeps pumping – a side-effect of Yidan's trick to keep Nadiy happy at work.

Here at the bar, there is no testing schedule nor time-clock ticking. At closing time, Jimmy returns to revive Nadiy, making sure in her foggy daze she puts her clothes back on before going out in public.

Credits [PP12 and GIMP][Nadie for A4][RedViper for tan lines][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][Chicari Dress/Shoes by KittysTavern][Leather Cuffs by LilFlame][Bar Interior by Souless Empathy][Veranil M4 by Ravenhair][Real M3 Gens by Satanica]

Monday, October 24, 2011

Testing Links

Google sites changed their design ... somehow. Even though the pages are set to public, no one can see them.

This is a test:

(Still doesn't work ... maybe I need to move somewhere else)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Twenty-Seventh

Been quite busy, same as all of you I guess :) Here is a simple, dark short story with an interesting V4 Morph scaled to 80%.

Timara moved through the graceful Dance of Bendoric, her spirit lost in the story which ran silently through her mind. Gone was her concern over her situation - the obscene outfit she'd been expected to wear and the brooding Emperor.

He had surprised her at first, offering to play her an old Human song on his instrument he called a violin. It had been haunting, so unlike her own people's music from planet Taanorkin. Yet he had stopped, and now only watched her now with strange intensity. Timara tried to ignore his gaze, because over the her past months of preparation for this trip, she had been reminded repeatedly that the fate of her quiet, peace-loving planet depended upon her satisfying the powerful Emperor. Yet she had expected to perform in a crowded audience hall ... not here in a man's private study, alone and dressed so improperly. She moved. She would do what was required of her.

Due to their smaller size and ears, the Humans called the peoples of Taanorkin "Elves". It was a title her people did not like, but what could they do? So weak and unprepared for the dominance of the human-lead empire which had sweep through their star system a generation ago. In fact, the people of Taanorkin had strangely co-evolved with the remote humans, a fact which had put her people into this immediate bind. They shared many biological traits, including some weaknesses.

Trouble had been begun 3 years ago. By invitation of the human Empress, a famous Taanorkin singer had come to the royal court to sing. The Empress had been a fine human woman, pleasant and beautiful. She had loved the quiet, graceful people of planet Taanorkin as if she were one of them. Sadly, despite an appropriate quarantine and medical testing by the humans, the singer had come down with "Deepening-Cough" while at court, a minor child's pest to the "elves", but an often fatal plague to the human invaders.

The kind Empress, her two young daughters and her unborn son had died. The Emperor had become ill, but survived. The Emperor had claimed that the illness could be no accident, but an assassination attempt. At first there was talk of war, but his advisers had maintained that the empire needed the planet Taanorkin intact and functional. Then there had been talk of public execution, that the Emperor had demanded that 40 'innocents' be crushed to death slowly in public. The Elders of Taanorkin had resisted this, pleading that it would irrevocably harm imperial relations.

So the matter had been settled away ... somehow. Timara, one of her regions greatest dancers was here on an exchange trip to help repair the damage. They all came, one by one, one per 30 human days: dancers, singers, poets and athletes.

Suddenly the Emperor stood and walked to Timara, breaking her from her trance as he grabbed her by the throat, easily picking her up off the floor.
Timara had not noticed the machine which had slide silently out from behind the book cases as she danced, yet the Emperor easily pressed her into it, ripping her dress away by design.

"Please your Majesty," she whispered, surprised ... yet not. "Force is not required - I will satisfy your desires better unbound."

He looked at her with contempt, growling back "How can you know my desires? I desire my wife and heirs to be returned. no elf-beast cannot satisfy that. But you will help to satisfy me - your elders did not negotiate away my demand for the execution of 40 innocents ... your great, kind old men only suggested that I handle executions quietly and in private. They wished to keep the tongues of your people still and ignorant."
He smiled a wicked smile, adding "So for the next 30 days you are mine, the 27th of 40 elf-beasts."

Monday, October 3, 2011

Stop pumping the damn thing!

Just so you don't accuse Nadiy's of NOT being hard at work ... first render in PoserPRO-2012, a nice performance jump on a 64-bit system over P8. Nothing fancy; just some fast fun with Nadiy.

On a quick interstellar flight over to Alpha Centauri to pick up supplies, Nadiy and Yidan are working as always ... but seems irresponsible Miss-Nadiy left the lights on her cabin. A big no-no in outer space where resources are precious!

So as punishment, Yidan sent Nadiy back "as-is" to turn off her lights, reminding her to hurry. Hurry? Right! All she could do was waddle along the hallway like a penguin, trying not to trip and fall as it was doubtful that she could stand herself upright again. She certainly didn't want to have to inch her way along this dirty hallway on her belly!

But that damn assistant-bot which Yidan had bought for Nadiy ... at times he was cute and helpful, but at the moment he was being a pest - he kept sneaking up and giving her butt-plug another shot of expansion. As if it wasn't filling enough! Yidan must have slipped the commands into the Bot as a joke. Nadiy loved her big sister ... but somethings ...

Credits [PP-12 and GIMP]
Nadiy : [Nadie for A4][Tan lines & nano-kini by red_viper][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][Leather CUffs by LilFlame][V4 Tight II and inflating-dildo by Davo][pussy/anatomically correct by adamthwaites][Space Blocks by The AntFarm][Andy2 from Poser]