Saturday, November 26, 2011

Simple Pin-Up

One of my favorite pin-ups of Nadiy with her darker eyes. And what happens next? Business, always business.

The corporation is doing some MTBF tests on some Davo props. MTBF is of course mean-time-between failure. The neck chain keeps her low and mounted. The pink floor pads are slippery, forcing her thigh abductor muscles to kept her from "bottoming out" on the power-vib device.

Yidan estimates the MTBF is close to 1000 hours - will nadiy be able to reach that? :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

How to fast-charge your cell phone

Yidan has Nadiy testing another of her wacky inventions - a new method for rapid-charging a cell phone! Looks rather expensive and space consuming! But then, some folks really can't live without their cell phone.

And of course the obligatory bondage ... looks this this cell-phone recharge method is a two person job!

Although Yidan's inventions tend to have high technical merit, that doesn't equate to marketability and/or profitability! I can't see many woman buying this machine! Although ... the way some are addicted to facebook, they may pay any price.

What the?!? Duct tape the phone to her belly and kaa-pow? That's it? Err, but then who am I to judge advanced physics applications.

By the way, don't try this at home ... this process is patented and Yidan knows some ugly patent-trolls, but that's another story.
Credits [PP12 and GIMP][Nadie for A4][RedViper for tan lines][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][Hot Summer Suit][Leather Cuffs and tape gag by LilFlame][Flip Flops freebie by LMDesign][Squat Bars, Devious Devices by Davo][Various Jepes Effects][Light Dance by DesignFera][OP Base II by Gunsolley]

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wait until the plant sleeps!

How nice, our friendly elf Nadiy has a new hobby - doing a bit of gardening. Yet she says this particular plant she tries to tend as it "sleeps" ... sleeps? I didn't know plants could "sleep"!
Oops - I guess it wasn't sleeping!
Although startled, Nadiy's not terribly afraid. She's been through this many times before, and is careful to wear an outfit which the plant can remove without damaging the clothing - or her! She says this plant not only sleeps, but is rather fond of her!
This plant likes to drink something other than plain water. It will work on her until she produces enough to satisfy its thirst. Not that she doesn't enjoy cumming 3 or 4 times, it's just that hanging upside down like this, blood pounding in her ears, blows much of an afternoon which had been more proudctivly allocated to gardening! :)
Credits [PP12 and GIMP][Nadie for A4][RedViper for tan lines][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][Happy Camper by PropsChick][Leather Cuffs by LilFlame][Magic G! by Arduino][Mean Green Mutha by Oshikai][watering can by hehornecker at sharecg][Ground/grass by LisaB][background by didi_mc]

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Updating Nadiy?

Just playing with options - perhaps changing Nadiy's eyes and ears. New on right - old on left.

I like her old Lillith ears, but they are custom objects so things like earrings don't parent/origin properly. The ones show are just custom tweaks of A4 ears.

Also the eyes. I like the old golden eyes, but they do give her a less cute, more freaky demeanor. I found these darker eyes in a merchant resource I have.

Anyway, take a full view and comment if you care. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nadiy Pays a Penalty

I'll give Ranger Dan a break, and instead let Yidan sucker Nadiy into handling some paper work for her.

A simple pin-up in a classic crypt.

Rather an odd place for some product testing ... but it's in the plan!

The boss isn't around - she goofs off a bit.

The hand/arm pose is from X&M's Morphed poses, but I had to roll the breast morphs off because they made her look diseased. Likely is due to her being an A4, plus having moderately small breasts.

Once ready, Nadiy hooks herself up as required by the test plan and was told to wait for a test assistant. She sees someone in strange clothing approach ...

Maybe Nadiy's sister & boss hasn't been handling the company books as the IRS requires! So Nadiy's been suckered into paying the penalties for Yidan.

Okay ... sorry ... this is NOT meant to be a political statement. I was just looking through my "misc beings" runtime and ran across PhilC's cool "Uncle Sam", and figured he'd make as good of MONSTER as any.

Credits [PP12 and GIMP][Nadie for A4][RedViper for tan lines][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][BallGag by Reika][Honeymoon Suit][Leather Cuffs by LilFlame][Noemi High Heel Shoes][Partial pose by X and M][Hanging Posts by Davo][Crypt by ???][Magical Containers by Daz/Lyrra Madril][Uncle Sam Freebie by PhilC][Real M3 Gens by Satanica]

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day at the Beach - Phase 3

Yidan and Nadiy were at the beach, one strangely emptied by fake online news about sharks killing 73 people in one afternoon ... and Yidan got a little carried away, getting caught illegally 'fornicating' in public. The sisters were brought back to the old 1940-era park admin building for processing.

Nadiy is quite pleased with the cold, musty dampness of her jail cell! Of course, Yidan is amused - people generally don't store tools and flammable chemicals in lock-ups, but Ranger Dan embarrassingly explained that Homeland Security had come and decreed that their basement storage room was to become a Person-of-Interest waiting area, putting the bed and facilities in place, then leaving it up to the rangers to find a new storage area without any funds to do so. They ... had failed to do so.

Fortunately, Nadiy knew her rights - she was entitled to a strip-search! She made sure Ranger Dan probed all of her cavities thoroughly, making sure she wasn't smuggling in guns or knives or anything.

Yidan could tell by Ranger Dan's behavior that he was not very familiar with "lady parts" - this might be his first time touching - or even seeing such wonders up close.

So of course Yidan insisted upon her own cavity search, Ranger Dan complying, but clearly uncomfortable with her "man-part" staring him in the face.

To help put Ranger Dan at ease, Nadiy proceeded to show him that her sister's magical dick didn't bite ... and she promised that she didn't either!

Given the door is still open, Yidan heads out to explore the ancient building for adventure spices, leaving Nadiy to prevent Ranger Dan's balls from exploding ... putting him in a wheel-chair for sure. At least, that is how Yidan convinced the shy ranger to let Nadiy service him - clearly his first blow-job! He came almost instantly, but Nadiy kept working on him, hoping for seconds.

Yidan had explained that a man having such a healthy erection for over half an hour was in mortal danger if not "released".

In truth, Yidan had used the same lie
to gain Nadiy's cooperation in their tender years, the notion that once you started having sexual release, you needed to continue ... or die. Nadiy probably understood the truth by now, but the sisters incest had continued, both in the product test lab and in their shared bed at night.

"Oh no!" exclaimed the democratically-elected town Sheriff as she returned, beholding the evidence of rule-breaking. She had left Deputy-D alone with the wily female Prisoner-N for just a moment ... and now this! It was certainly the doings of hardened criminal Prisoner-N. Since the cavity searches had revealed all her escape tools, she was trying to escape by lulling Deputy-D into complacency!

This rule-breaking called for severe punishment!

The town Sheriff smiled. Prisoner-N smiled. Deputy-D was befuddled.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day at the Beach - Phase 2

Silly progress-recap - Yidan and Nadiy were spending a quiet afternoon on a beach ... Yidan had promised Nadiy a day out. The beach was strangely deserted because of a rumored horrific shark-attack the day before (not that Yidan, hater of crowds had anything to do with that!) Nadiy had been 'staked' out to tan ... err, that's Nadiy ... and Yidan had taken advantage of the situation and her magical man-thing's ability to change size ... err, that's Yidan.
As Yidan relished another slide up Nadiy's tight channel, Yidan heard a deep voice.
[Ranger Dan] "What's going on here?"
[Yidan] "Mmmm ... nothing ... relaxing." She worked to refocus on the here and now.
[Nadiy] "... Ahhhh" Nadiy was still lost in her fog.
[Ranger Dan] "Nothing? Why's she sound like that? You two aren't ... you know ... illegally fornicating or anything!"
Yidan was now quite awake. She couldn't very well stop her magic dick from cycling, could not use magic in front of this human. yet it gave her a strange thrill to have been caught. She rarely come out in public, certainly more rarely did things like this.
[Yidan] "But we are ... Mmmm ... a couple of chicks. Oooo ... we meditate ... Mmmm ... an elf-thing."
[Ranger Dan] "Oh, I see." He relaxed, slipping into confusion. He nodded, clearly not very enlightened on 'Elf-things'.
Yidan almost exploded. The fool! Was he actually going to fall for that? As her delicate sliding in and out continued, her insides burned with excitement ... that they would actually get away with this.

All the human had to do to discover the truth was to ask Yidan to stand up, or to move the towel which hide the magical action between their crotches. It was so easy, and well within the ranger's rights.
The human left, calling out "Be careful - two girls alone. My boss says the shark thing was fake, but you probably shouldn't go swimming for now."

Yidan felt the human's aura fade as he left. She had fooled the ranger! Returning her attention to her sex-drive (& driver), finding it hopelessly out of control. The excitement of the moment was too much, and she exploded with an orgasm unlike any she'd ever imagined.

"Oh fuck ... Auuuu! ... Shit!" Yidan screamed.

Nadiy reacted as well, her sensitive womb magically programmed to trigger a deep orgasm when bathed in Yidan's fake magical sperm - which happened to taste much like Creme-Brulee. More of Yidan's magical tricks to keep Nadiy receptive.
Of course nature now took it's course.

Ranger Dan heard the shouts and returned to investigate.

Yidan was overpowered by the sensation, slumping backwards limply, the magical-illusion of Nadiy's bikini bottom vanished, and simple hydraulics caused Yidan's piston to pop from Nadiy's overfilled cylinder-sleeve, seeking easier regions to unload in.

Nadiy relaxed, and in her magically-programmed stupor, she heaped verbal praise and thanks upon her sister for the fucking and filling.
Ranger Dan was amazed almost beyond speech, but finally stammered, "You have a guy's dick ... and woman parts!" He'd actually never seen woman-parts for real ... he had no idea what he, the local authority on this beach, was going to do next.

Head still spinning, Yidan answered, "Yes ... an Elf-thing." She started to think of using magic, but that was not something she should risk - not on a human just doing his job.
Unfortunately for Yidan, Nadiy's head cleared first, and as soon as the ranger mentioned putting them in jail, Nadiy become insistent that he do so.

Ranger Dan is confused and worried. As he walks, he keeps arguing with himself that he should just let the two elves loose, that he doesn't even remember where all the paper-work is kept!

Plus he is worried about that blue elf - her 'man-thing' keeps looking at him! Given she had no shorts or other clothing, he is baffled by how she got out here dressed as she is. Ranger Dan is starting to regret not walking away when he heard those shouts.

Nadiy is overjoyed at this new adventure. She's never been 'in jail' before!

Yidan is pensive, her nerves still vibrating. Yet she is enjoying this human's confusion - she can feel it. This might turn out to be quite fun.

If you wonder why Ranger Dan has such slave-gangish irons ... well, "Homeland Security" ... and only Commies and Terrorists question "Homeland Security" ... you're not a Commie or Terrorist, are you?!?

Hearing the ranger mumble about Yidan's dick wagging like a wagon-tongue on the loose, Nadiy had a suggestion ... which shocked the ranger and amused Yidan.

Slipping Nadiy's bikini bottom to one side, Yidan was able to park her 'OOT' (one-of-those) up Nadiy's seasoned ass. With care, the two could waddle along, Yidan's manhood nicely concealed.

Of course, it had Nadiy doing her "Ahhh ... Ahhh ... Ahhh" again, and poor Ranger Dan could barely walk, his own head now dizzy and a raging hard-on threatening to break (or rip) something.

Yidan, pleasantly soothed by Nadiy's tightness, was now certain that this would be a fun adventure!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day at the Beach - Phase 1

This series will grow over the next week - Yidan and Nadiy decide to go to the beach!

Wonderful day - amazing, and the beach is so empty! Must be that rumor on the news yesterday that a school of renegade, migrating sharks had eaten 73 people! Horrible news! Course the park-folks, police and hospitals all denied any such event had occurred, plus even the shark experts had come out and said sharks don't migrate in schools like that!

Still, one cannot blame the public for being cautious ... I'm just surprised that Yidan isn't more concerned - she tends to be ultra careful with her own safety, plus hate crowds. Maybe she's just being stubborn, not letting the news about the sharks deter her - or perhaps she was smart enough to have realized that the shark story was fake!

Say, what is that thing she's carrying ... a dwarvian war-hammer? Naw, can't be. Maybe they need a volleyball net put up.

Oh, I see what the hammer was for. Nadiy needs to work on her tan (& tan lines) but is notoriously impatient with the wait. So Yidan, loving elder sister is helping her relax and stay in one spot until well-done.

Of course Yidan takes good care of her little (by a few minutes) demi-twin sister, carefully rubbing her firm flesh with oil. Meditative really - the calm sounds of the ocean waves and breeze. Nadiy is already soothed into a deep sleep.

Nadiy's always been the easy-sleeper, the one whom the 'troubled-sleeper' Yidan would wake when required ... especially after (as young teens) Yidan had discovered the theriputic effect of sex upon troubled sleep. Nadiy had resisted at first - them being sisters and all - but she had eventually surrendered to the enevitable, discovering that the most pleasant way to be allowed uninterrupted sleep was to rapidly orgasm Yidan into sleep.

The sisters still sleep together, and Yidan's magical accident had done nothing to dampen the "theriputic effect of sex" ... her OOT (cock) has enflated the effect to new heights. Sex still helps Yidan sleep, plus being blessed with perpetual morning-wood, sex helps Yidan awake refreshed. Nadiy accepts the inevitable.

Ah, no surprise. Yidan is being thorough, oiling even where the sun never shines. Yet knowing Yidan, her thoughts are now drifting to new activities, probably involving magical release ... into Nadiy's pussy. Nadiy won't mind - someone has convinced her that Yidan needs frequent magical release to prevent magical poisoning. It doesn't hurt that Yidan's creme-brulle flavored jism magically sends Nadiy into deep, convulsive orgasm upon contact.

Nadiy keeps Yidan satisfied because Yidan certainly keeps Nadiy satisfied.
Yup, OOT comes out of hiding, magically puffed to standard size. Yidan was pleased to detect ample moisture in Nadiy's bikini bottom - signs of a plesant dream in need to sweetening and sharing. Yet this is a public beach ... an unusual risk for Yidan.

Nadiy is woken by something large sliding into her tight pussy - although a startling wake-up, it is basically a 'daily' occurrence since Nadiy shares a bed with Yidan and Yidan's incessant magical morning-woody.

Magical adjustment are done: stroke length, girth expansion. All old hat. Yidan also uses magic to give the illusion that Nadiy still wears her bikini bottom. Prudent. A small white towel hides the truth of Yidan's doggish, knotted link to Nadiy.

Which leads into sweet steady-state - at the start of the stroke, Yidan breaths out a soft 'Mmmm' as her engorged clitoris-turned-dick starts to expand and push its sensitive skin up into Nadiy's tight channel. As the dick reaches maximum length and girth, it bumps up against the top of Nadiy's womb and Nadit signs out her answering soft 'Aahh'.

So it conitnues ... Mmmm ... Aahh ... Mmmm ... Aahh ... Mmmm ... Aahh. Sighs backgrounded by the ocean breeze.
Oops, looks like the sister's blissful steady-state song of "Mmmm ... Aahh ... Mmmm ... Aahh" has an interloper. Ranger Dan is out making his inspection rounds, ever vigilant to rule-breakers and riffraff.