Thursday, December 29, 2011

Naughty or Nice? You Decide!

How about a heart-warming Christmas story? Seems Nadiy still believes in Santa ... and as her tree is rather bare, she has high hopes for tonight. Nadiy has carefully put out the milk and cookies ... Oh, I see - it is bourbon. Nice tree - Yidan made the snow for you? Nice of her.

Apparently Nadiy was worried about the whole naughty-nice list thing, so she wrote to Santa asking how a basically good-girl who might accidently wander a tad into the naughty-side might insure a spot on the Nice-List ... and she got a response! Of course, she asked sister Yidan to mail the letter for her, so I don't know about this?!?!?

Ahh, Nadiy ... that's not Santa ... Well yah, I heard the Ho-Ho-Ho. And yes, I do see that he wears Santa's coat and has a bag of presents! But I also see his 'thing' and he's wearing flip-flops! Oh, so you read that Santa finds flip-flops comfortable? Probably research by a seller of flip-flops!

Well, okay. No, I don't want to be on the naughty-list ... yes, Merry Christmas to you dear, genuine Santa Clause.

So 'the secret' is reveled - take notes out there! First, signal to Santa that you want to use 'the secret' by offering 20+ year-old bourbon instead of milk! Makes sense I guess - I always enjoy a bit of bourbon while I chomp the heads off snowman cookies too.

Next comes the Spanking Stool?!?! Oh, I see, Santa gave that to Nadiy as a present on her first Christmas using 'the secret' to insure being on the Nice-List. It's part of 'the secret', although the 'get naked' step kind of worried her at first, it seems to work out for the best.

I see, kind of makes sense - naughty girls need a good spanking, so they learn to be good. Riiiight. '*Mister*Santa*' sure seems to enjoy the spanking ... and the view.

Then ... yah, I should have seen this coming, although I could do without seeing '*Mister*Santa*' cumming! At least he's energetic and well endowed!

This year Nadiy has a cheeky '*Mister*Santa*' ... making use of all available openings. I hope she gets moved high up on the Nice-List for this!

Oookay ... so that is 'the secret' way to insure a place on Santa's Nice-List. The steps to-do seem to have ended. Nadiy is relieved - and so is the '*Mister*Santa*'. Very relieved! Now I bet he can go home and get drunk.

Well, once again Nadiy has dodged the bullet and made it to the Nice-List, obtaining her fair-share of the loot!

God bless us, everyone!

I hear Yidan's helpers draw straws to play Santa each year, and given that Yidan doesn't believe in Santa or Christmas, I don't know whether to commend her, or kick her in that blue-ass of hers for this ruse to make her sister Nadiy happy!
Credits [PP12 and GIMP][Nadie for A4][RedViper for tan lines][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][Leather Cuffs by LilFlame][Room Wear by redviper/sharecg][M4 Vargr by RawArt][Flip Flops freebie by LMDesign][M3 Santa Suit][morphing santa bag by mabgraphics][Studio Environment and Spanking Stool by Richabri][Metal Tree by RDNA][Holiday Accessories by Daz][Snow by HoboBo/sharecg]

Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Elf's Got Talent!

Some nice art! The Moral Prolifera has been hounding me about the bad art on my site, so Yidan arranged this quiet artful interlude with her distant cousin Penterba.

Such grace! Such talent! ... hey, wait a minute! She's not wearing any knickers! I'll have to have a word with Yidan about this, although I do have to say, this confirms family ties!

Oh! Hmmh! Why am I not surprised! Leave it to Yidan to soil the purest of art-moments!

At least cousin Penterba seems suitable disturbed by this flagrant shift into crass commercialism. Good for her. Go home! Tell your mother - the woman who worked two jobs just so you could attend classical ballet school - about your evil cousin Yidan's plans to soil your innocence.

Ah, well - okay. I guess she was only disturbed by the size, not the implications.

But with a can-do attitude she shares with dear Nadiy, cousin Penterba forges ahead.

My! I have to say, despite my misgivings, that I am impressed.

Even grumpy ole Simon would be forced to admire such a graceful double-mount without assist - or visible signs of lubricant!

Credits [PP12 and GIMP][JustCute for A4][GmomieBuns Hair][Pearls by Richabri][Lst Dreams Ballet][Sereity Arches][Some LisaB plants][VariantStar background]

Plus I have to say, I am enjoying the 'Render by Queue' option ProserPro has added to my toolbox. I often render the same scene multiple times with various background items turned off. With P7 or P8, trying to do anything on the computer while it rendered tended to crash the works. PP lets me fire off the renders and go on to other tasks.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another demon - same skin pack

Little Jordeba has just started her new job ... and her first day's gone pretty well! Of course, there are the inevitable work-place politics to sloosh through - people to know, people to avoid, people to "accomodate". Her position is not exactly top of the heap, and she finds herself on the bottom more often than she wishes. Yet people will learn NOT to underestimate her; they will learn how effective and thorough she could be ... even if it kills them.

Credits: [Created in P8, Rendered in P7 because P8 was crashing!, Postworked in GIMP][Draconica for V4 by Blazewolf][Mitsu hair with SoCalRoberta textures][NatureEyes by Mitcy][Horn pak for Hiro3][Gloves from Lovely Devil by Bugzlife]['Braclettes' by Davo][Daz Troll][Gothic Dungeon by AerySoul]

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Now for Something Different

From my archives (& Poser-7 days) ... during one of my demon phases, I guess. Aiko4 with a rather strong texture change. What test is this? Err ... it's important! I'm sure of it. Or maybe this is a new way to cook a roast-beast?

Credits: P7 and GIMP, Draconica texture for V4/A4 by Blazewolf01, Quin Hair, Horn Pak for Hiro3, Davo toys from Hells Kitchen and Terminus, hooks by fraggle, jewelery by inception8, Jepe's steamz.