Friday, February 17, 2012

The next iPhone?

A simple Aiko3 concept piece for a SciFi story I'm outlining - my favorite sultry little 'Miette' from ThorneWorks. She (or 'it') is really for a lead-in to a story. A washed up 'prospector' gets lucky a few times in a row and over-invests in a 'personal assistant', which can't really do anything his old ship's computer couldn't do. She doesn't even have 'those parts', as the guy couldn't bring himself to reduce her hydraulic and fuel-cell capacity so drastically for something he'd managed on his own for so long. Of course the bio-syth dealer was unhappy with that, for as you can image they made their real money on the extras!

The story has the company accountant taking a deep dislike of him due to his extravagance, and she (as in old, grumpy) starts giving him all the crap-leads, which causes him to drift towards bankruptcy ... unable to make the sizable payments on his 'iHelper'.

So the main story is set up as our couple 'discovers' yet another mediocre planet too far from anything to be of use, but on a lark he decides to check out another planet which the remote scans said was 100% pointless. Turns out it isn't, he gets over-excited about the bonus which would allow him to pay off his loans, but obstacles come up, leading to poor judgement calls and 3rd-party deaths, the destruction of both he and his helper, and his employer is slapped with fines and his discovery is placed in a kind of 'natural reserve', off limits.

From that 'nature reserve under need of protection' rises the main story.

Ah, but good thing I have a day job!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Free-Range Filly

Some silly free-range fun! Nadiy does some brisk exercise.

Her temporary employer likes his ponies to be free-range, galloping freely, toning their legs muscles perfectly.

Yet all fresh fillies need careful grooming and care by their owner. Vincent is an expert if fine care of fillies!

This filly (named Nadiy of course!) especially likes solid slapping on her rump! She whinnies happily as the slap-slap-slap goes on!

(Told you it was silly!)

Credits [PP12 and GIMP][Nadie for A4][RedViper for tan lines][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][Leather Cuffs & harness by LilFlame][Pony things by Nemain][Background by didi_mc][Vincent for F4 by Soto/HellBoy][some Davo props][Blacksmith by Faveral]