Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lieutenant Zirwinski is at it again!  The last drone-supply shuttle included a collection of stylish 'stealth uniforms' for her to test.

(If you missed her first intro - she's a defective 'clone warrior' who wishes to be a movie-star, so got stationed alone out at edge of no where to allow the empire to detect enemy intrusion)

There's a couple of different styles and colors, but she especially likes this little black one.  Imagine - being invisible to radar and stylish too!  Now that's progress.

She's spent the afternoon executing the included 'test procedures', which means putting clothes on and taking them off while the included detector records how 'stealthy' each piece of clothing makes her as opposed to the lack of said clothing.

Of course, in truth her commanding officer is 'syndicating' select, saucy portions of her security feed as paid-subscription to lonely space truckers/miners.

This can't be very stealthy, but it is procedure 12-R2 ... something like "mimic Johora's snake dance wearing only the stealth panties set #3." ... 

Well, Lieutenant Zirwinski was never very good at science, but she can follow instructions.  She hopes HQ likes the test data she's collecting so maybe they let her come back 'home'.

Finally, all the testing is done with the final sets testing her stealthiness against the powerful deep-space comms array.

All of that work has made her ... receptive (aka: horny).  Fortunately, she's discovered some cool things about the emitter nodes!  Getting the deep-space comm nano-plasma to arc softly takes some clever coaxing and application of dipolliated-grease to strategic surfaces & sensitive parts of her body.

And it does start out a bit intense, until she can form a nice balance.

The final effect is heavenly - a thousand tongues of cool fire licking her in all the right places.  

Course the repair manual for the deep-space transmitter says that shorting the nano-plasma between the two forward probes is not good ... but it doesn't define it as bad!  So Zirwinski figures 'is not good' yet not 'is bad' equates to 'is okay'!  

I just hope she remembered to put the automated distress system into stand-by. Would be rather shocking in the wrong places if the system powered to punch an urgent message the gazillion Kwardin-sectors which seperates this lonely female sentry from her command base!

Credits [P8 and GIMP][Aisling for A4][Posh Hair][MultiShape Dress by Jasmina][GMC jewelry by inception8][Military Outpost by RetroDevil][Rubble by StoneMason][Lisa B plants][LightDance by DesignFera][background by digimc]

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zirwinski Keeps in Shape

We check in on Lieutenant Zirwinski again, the only flesh-n-blood 'military asset' on the Corbid IV system - a gal with too much free time on her hands!  She keeps in shape by not letting the droids do too much of the work!

 It's hard work pushing stuff around in the dirt ... but she needs to keep her figure sweet just in case some Hollywood talent scout way off-course crash lands on her moon and 'discovers' her Goddess form and supreme acting talent!

Just some fun images, PG13 even.  I had a idea to follow here, but it didn't pan out.  Still, I think she is cute when she works hard :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

red_viper - why?

For some reason red_viper deleted his account at ShareCG - creating a new one named redviper2012. Why? Who knows! So all his old A4 outfits (tennis, school-girl, etc) are gone. He did add a NEW version of easy-shader - which gives nadiy her sun-tan, plus has bubbles, milk, wet, and lots of other skin effects. Anyway, here is a sample of what the new redviper2012 offers:

Thanks to redviper2012's new 'Platinum Power Girl' suits, Nadiy feels empowered! She goes into a dark alley to test her new super powers!

Unfortunately, Nadiy has NO super-powers. She is just Nadiy! And the first super-villain which she focuses her gaze upon happens to be a local policeman investigating a burglary by some strangely dressed man. Nadiy is a woman, or perhaps not she is just a strangely dressed HE! She warrants further investigation!

Fortunately, Nadiy is clever. She quickly removes her underpants, explainign that she too is in serious need of police-intervention.

Even more fortunately, the local policeman is nice man who does not wish to involve locals in any more red-tape than required. He agrees that Nadiy is *NOT* a dressed up guy, plus agrees help solve Nadiy's problem without involving her in copious amounts of paperwork. What a gentleman!

Credits [PP12 and GIMP][Nadie for A4][RedViper Platinum A4 Outfit, sharecg][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][Real World heros for M4 by Dupre][Back Alley Scene]