Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Internship - Again

As the 'plant' bumped slowly up her inner thigh, Aiko mourned for the umpteenth time how she should have asked more questions before accepting this internship under the brilliant, but perhaps crazy Doctor Thronish.  The topic had seemed innocent enough - a study on "plant behavior related to water sources".  Plant behavior?  Who ever thought about plants behaving in any particular manner!  It seemed an easy, uneventful summer job.

The research location should have been her first clue - down here in a sub-basement.  The professor had insisted that this location was perfect to eliminate the negative-impact of noise ... yet Aiko now understood that the noise was to be her own protests, or worse.

As the 'plant' in question penetrated her warm moistness, she cried out again and again as it thumbed in deep, butting into her womb, trying to compel her to offer what it needed - water.  For water was the topic of the professor's research, theories on how plants naturally understood where moisture could be found.

And despite her heart-felt resolve to remain objective, Aiko all too quickly orgasmed and gave the 'plant' what it sought, a rich organic slush of fluids.


A silly image, spawned by the discovery within in my runtime of the old A3-targetted 'Trophy Stand' prop.  Who knows where it cam from?  Not I.  But it helped professor Thronish advance science!  And with the modern Internat, he can probably recoup some of his research costs by selling access to said "research"!

Credits: [PPro12 & GIMP][Matilda for A4][Cindy Short hair][Dirty Warehouse by redViper][Video Camera by][lots of misc industrial junk]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What is an 'Aiko 4'?

So some folks might wonder "What is an Aiko4?".  Okay, besides the fact that she is maybe 87,000 polygons, she is a variation on the more realistic "Daz Victoria 4.2" model.

I was playing with Lieutenant Zirwinski (she loves it - honest!) and here is a comparison.

The first image is a pure V4, a woman one might maybe see walking down the street (err, probably with clothes on!)  The A4-Realistic morph seems just a more petite version of the base V4 lady.

Then enter Aiko4 - she is more curvy in an unrealistic way - narrower waist, wider hips, thinner arms.  Add in the A4-Stylized and you have a woman who couldn't possible exist (beyond radical surgery, that is!).  One can mix the A4 variants, so adding in 50% normal A4 narrows the waist and puffs up the breasts more.

Finally we have the A4-Petite - never used her before; probably never will again ... (* shutter *)!  Yet I suppose A4-Petite makes a good forest elf/nymph/sprite.

And here is an animation (which Blogger made TINY!) showing the transform in a quick 21 frames.  Zirwinski morphs from a V4 to A4, then shifts to be 50% A4 and 100% A4-Stylized.

Credits [PPro12 and GIMP][Aisling for A4][Atomically-Correct gens and pubs][Qain Hair][GMC jewelry]