Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Room in the Pool

Happy fourth of July!  Lieutenant Zirwinski cools off in her private pool, a gift from her supervisors back at HQ.  Nice of them - and she hasn't figured out that they are selling off her video feeds.

What is the complex she stays in for?  Zirwinski has no clue - need-to-know basis.  But in truth her bosses don't even know what most of the junk-hardware on Corbid IV Moon II is for.  12 civilizations have had outposts on this moon during the last 1000 solar-years, so it's not something worth fighting too hard to keep.

Of course, she being the only humanoid on the outpost moon, the swim suit is totally optional.  Of course the water-gun holds kerosene, as her enemy 'Benny' would rust if she really soaked him with H2O.

Odd kind of war-robot - can't handle a little water, but then Armbrodita drones like Benny were designed for use in the void of space.

Ah-ha!  A water-bug'r whatever-thing.  She's never bothered looking up the formal name.   Fortunately, kerosene is not something the beastie likes, so she can keep her private pool private!  Unfortunately, the smell of kerosene does tend to make her think of Benny and his special-attachments.

By the way, I see there is a torrent of the old red_viper items no longer up at sharecg - just do a web search for 'demonoid redviper' and you should find it.

Credits [P8 and GIMP][Aisling for A4][Posh Hair][Honeymoon suit by SuperNova][GMC jewelry by inception8][Private Pool by Red-Viper][Bolladon by Dinoraul][background by digimc]