Friday, September 21, 2012

Reminder - Aiko4 Bittorrent

My Aiko4 torrent over at pirate's bay is doing well.  It includes most of the old red_viper stuff deleted from sharecg when his/her old account was deleted - still wonder why, but I guess it doesn't matter.  The original at demonoid is of course Gone with the Wind.

link: Daz3D Poser - for the love of Aiko4 - redviper gear

Sausage In her Pocket?

I was playing around with the new morph editor in the SR3 for Poser9/Pro 2012.

Here a generic pair of Aiko4's helps me demo the effect - the one on the left if you cannot tell!  Within Poser, you just grab the mesh and distort it, creating a custom morph dial you can use to enhance or tone down the effect.

Works pretty good on surfaces, such as the left A4's racing swimsuit (both suits from redviper).

However, I couldn't get the editor to work on mesh edges - for this image I was trying to pull the swimsuit crotch to the side to aid in their continued "recreation".

The morph editor made all kinds of crazy bulges in the suit surface, but I couldn't get the edge to shift out of its normal position.  (Any hints to accomplish this are welcome!)

So I cheated and just postworked in the effect in GIMP.

And you know how Aiko4's are - once they get started, they can't stop!

Considering how crappy their paycheck is from me, I guess they need to suck as much value out their work tasks as they can.  Not that I complain!

I have been using these these two girls (?) to create some generic couples poses geared to the A4 sizing.  Maybe someday it will be a pose set.

Credits: [P12Pro + GIMP][Aiko4 with Matilda head][suits and tans by red_viper]