Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh the Horror!

This was my Halloween fun-image for some contests.

Alarms triggered over in Curndow Valley; three adjacent sentinel towers had vanished from the grid, yet none of the peer-towers had detected movement or intrusion.

Security-Specialist Cindy-Elf was sent to investigate.

Nothing prepared her for the horror she was about to witness.  Her instruments showed nothing, yet her elf-eyes clearly saw everything ... the demon-spawn of human commercial-greed and bio-experimentation, the ultimate in self-replicating Halloween decorations had gotten away from the humans, gone feral and now the seeds had made it to her quiet world!

Now that the serious stuff is done, I guess Cindy-Elf has been talking to Nadiy, heard about the $50 bonus for posing nude.

By the time the camera refused away from the giant pumpkin to her, she'd stripped down.  And since she wants a bonus, she agreed to show some of her private skills.

Since Security-Specialist Cindy-Elf spends a lot of time alone out patrolling the perimeters, she has customized some of her equipment - including her mech-partner she nicknamed Jonbung.

Jonbung comes in handy, especially when she has time to kill waiting for diagnostics to run on sentinel towers.

No muss.  No fuss.  No commitment.  No arguments.  No nasty infections.

Credits [PP12 and GIMP][Nadia for V4/A4][Cindy Short Hair][Inception8 glasses and jewelry][Terre Dome][SM Rubble and tower][LB Dead Brush][Arkan Angel][Alien Bot][Jepes SteamZ][Mock's Pumpkins][Variant Star Zeta]

Friday, November 16, 2012

Jealous Friends

A morbid series - not my normal fare.  Since elf-gals are so robust and heal quickly, it has a happy ending regardless and no elf-gals were harmed in the making of these images.

Two childhood friends: Marla and Britney. Marla works for the local history museum and her current task is an exhibit on old torture devices. Britney, who's been acting guilty near Marla, has agreed to help her friend Marla create a dummy for this exhibit.  Britney poses, acting as a model, allowing Marla to photograph the 'victim' for this machine.

Ah, but there is a reason Britney has been nervous around her friend Marla, but Britney didn't know that Marla knew the secret.  But Marla had no choice but to know - her boyfriend had been mumbling Britney's name in his sleep for over a week!

The slut!  Or so thinks Marla.  Britney has always run through boyfriends by the pound!  Marla's current boyfriend was her first, and Britney had poached him!  How dare Britney steal her best-friend's first true boyfriend.

Easy solution.  A gag from a novelty shop, a borrowed sacrificial knife from the museum, and Britney is now more finely posed to help Marla.  Marla's outfit is nerdy fantasy.  Of course, Marla insists to Britney this is all just fun, allowing her to get better photos of the machine in simulated use.

But then an OOPS!  Marla bends to check that her boot's not untied.  Hmm, odd, her boots have buckles!  Yet her warm, nearly virginal cunt hits the release lever.

Britney is startled as the floor drops away, the weights yanking her legs down.  The evil spike just inches from her tender folds.  She should not have been surprised, for Marla paid attention to details!  Of course her machine worked fully.

Hmm, this was interesting for Marla, watching the machine work.  Surprisingly, Britney was wet down there - or maybe not surprising.  Maybe Britney's constant horniness was why she was such a harvester of men.

The tip of the spike slid smoothly into Britney's pussy, then metal no doubt cold.  The weights did their job, holding the victim still and on target.

Down below, Marla had four video camera's running.  She'd have enough source material to make a nice "animated" display at the museum.  The dummy would be fully clothed, of course.  But Britney's naked flesh was excellent research material.

He He.  The spike's a foot and a half in; blood flowing, Britney groaning.  She'd never steal another gal's boyfriend again.

Touchdown.  The spike snagged on the mouth-gag, the dummy's progress down the spike halted.

Marla smiled.  What luck!  Maybe Marla should just coat Britney in plaster, then include her just like this in the exhibit!

Then again, Marla and Britney have been friends since childhood.  The better plan is to forgive Britney, demand "favors" and servitude.  Britney is quite skilled at things Marla is not.  Would be sweet.

Britney is easily removed from the spike, cleaned up.  She'll heal soon enough.  Elf-gals are tough, and it had been an interesting morning of fun.

The real "dummy" to use for Marla's exhibit is the two-timing boyfriend!  Between Marla and Britney, they could lure him down here any day.