Saturday, December 29, 2012

Simple Postwork for Richer Color

Nadiy meditates, gaining deep spiritual swelling within her loins.  (Several Davo props used here).

Many original renders look washed out (at least to me).  Playing with color balance during postwork can help, but it is tedious and hard to repeat on say a dozen images in a set with the same lighting and render settings..

A very simple way to add color richness and contrast in seconds is to make use of layers set to an Overlay mode.  The sample below is done in Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program), but the same can be done in PhotoShop.  Pull down the combo box, and you'll see over a dozen different modes.

If your file has many layers, you may wish to save out a PNG copy of the final image and load that as the front-most layer.  By simply duplicating the layer, setting the duplicate MODE to OVERLAY instead of normal, you gain the OVERLAY images across the top below.  Adjusting with the opaqueness of the OVERLAY layer gives you more or less of the change - below I show 50% and 100% on the overlay.

(A quick note - blogspot compressed the image more than the original, so the effect is less obvious here on the web.  But this trick is quick and easy, so give it a try yourself and see if you like the richer color.)

A second step helps keep the image bright, and is especially useful in bright or outdoor-looking renders.  Create a second duplicate layer, which you desaturate (make shades of gray), then invert.  Once you set this layer's MODE to OVERLAY instead of normal, then you have 2 ways to adjust the tone.  For example, the image labeled "Overlay at 50%" and the image labeled "Original and Overlay at 100%, Invert 50%" look much alike, but to my eye the lower right image is brighter.

You do not need to use this trick on the full image.  If your model/girl exists as a separate layer from the background, using the overlay trick on ONLY your model/girl makes her stand out visually against the duller background.  When I do this, I often darken the background, and sometimes even apply a minor blur to help the background fade from the viewers eyes.  The sample above has the overlay applied to the entire image.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2013 - placating the Grinch

Nadiy is on a secret mission! Amazing, yes?  A mission for whom?  The real Santa Claus!  You've probably seen that false propaganda movie on TV about the how the Grinch stole Christmas?

Indeed yes.  She is falsely posing as Mrs Claus, the wife of Santa Claus. Is this naughty or nice? Forget your own definitions, for the real Santa Claus defines this deception as super-nice!  Nadiy likes being on the super-nice list! (You certainly are NOT on the super-nice list!)

The false TV movie explains how the Grinch's heart grew due to understanding the true spirit of Christmas. Don't you believe it!

Why is Nadiy involved?  Well, would you expect to see so much flesh from the true good-lady Claus?  Err, considering her weigh, would you want too see some much rolling feminine landscape?

Nadiy's nakedness is of course always a welcome sight!

Nadiy is shocked to see that the Grinch has redecorated the bondage device for her, or for the season. Is he really redeeming?

Her mission?  The truth is that the Grinch and Santa Clause had a parle; they discussed the issue of the Grinch trying to steal Christmas, and came up with a amicable resolution ... one involving more effort by Mrs Claus than Mister Clause!  

Did Santa have the right to bargain such things?  Who dares chide Santa for his mistakes or naughtiness?

Of course, the Grinch had never seen the real Mrs Claus, so Santa Claus was able to substitute a fake Mrs Claus into the execution of this yearly payoff.

Nadiy of course eagerly volunteered to help poor Mr Claus, and given her well known track record of submission, Santa Claus eagerly accepted her offer.

Once clamped into the device, Nadiy can not escape until the Grinch releases her, satisfied that this false Mrs Claus had been screwed royally enough!  Is this a good enough reason to stop trying to steal Christmas?

The Grinch is an eager explorer.  No human females had ever submitted to him, even as he marauded around as an ugly Santa Claus on Christmas eve!  

But he is gentle, as well as virile. Nadiy submits.

The Grinch spends at least 30 minutes tasting Nadiy, with Nadiy's orgasms starting after only 10 minutes.  This reaction is a far better performance than the real Mrs Claus could suffer.

Given her sister's magical enhancements cause Nadiy's vagina to be perpetually wet, tight, and ready, she enjoys the mission immensely.

The Grinch is well endowed, and our perpetually horny Nadiy never says NO to a serious cock ready to punch into her tight snatch.

Better, the Grinch discharges a year's worth of lust into Nadiy's tight, magically sensitized cunt.  

Since she started orgasming when the Grinch was licking her, she is still sweetly rocking and rolling as the Grinch pumps his lust into her.

Indeed, a years worth of Grinch-lust can be quite messy.  Luckily, Nadiy isn't one to complain about the mess when she's having fun!

In the end, everyone is satisfied by this scheme. which Santa Claus devised to stop the Grinch from trying to steal Christmas.  The Grinch believes he's dumped his huge reservoir if lust-seed into the real Mrs Claus's womb.  

For her own role, Naidy's has suffered a few hours of great sex. Better, the present delivery at this site is for herself. Once the Grinch is satiated and leaves the garden, Nadiy is free to open her well earned presents.

Hmm, fine pearls, gold, diamonds, frankincense, and myrrh. Santa Claus is most generous ... especially since Nadiy spares the REAL Mrs Claus from such disgusting business details!  Imagine Santa Claus trying to explain this deal to his wife?  I don't think so!

Credits [PP12 and GIMP][Nadie for A4][RedViper for tan lines][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][Leather Cuffs & harness by LilFlame][Santa's Secret by outoftouch & Shana][SkyBike by Stonemason][Stocks from Chamber 2 by Davo][Background by didi_mc][Medieval Garden by Nouschka][Holiday Accessories by Daz3D][Xerr b y Dinoraul]

Monday, December 17, 2012

Magic Show (Kind of?)

Yidan promised Nadiy that she could help put on a magic show, and they even have light and wind effects.  Nadiy even got to wear a swell 'Assistants' outfit!  Should be quite a show (I hope, then again ...)

This wonderful magic-box you shall see demonstrated if from Sharecg user aemi1970.

Of course, Nadiy very rapidly loses her Assistants outfit.  No big surprise there.

She probably knows where this is going, as it always seems to go when her sister Yidan begins strapping Nadiy into machinery!

Well, into the box, that's the life of any magician's assistant!  But Nadiy seeks confirmation that some magic will occur, and not just the 'usual' exertions where Yidan relieves herself in various of Nadiy's openings.

Yidan promises to amaze us all.

As the trick progresses, the Magic master needs to check out the equipment very carefully.  This is super critical for a magic trick!  Everything has to be right.

And of course the proof of no strings, or in this case, the proof that the only path between the assistant's mouth and her anus is via the interior (throat, stomach, intestines, and so on).

Seems rather am odd thing to prove, but I suppose Yidan likes messing with Nadiy when she's in such a compromised situation.

And around she goes, where she stops, only the Magic lady knows!

Nadiy is of course still Nadiy, so she is lubing up nicely.  She may complain about the liberties her sister takes with her, but her body certain cooperates with it all!

Intermission?  Go buy some popcorn or something, please.

( Yidan, remember?  The show?  You need to return the rental equipment by 3PM or they charge more rental.)

Okay, back on track.  I guess this trick requires the assistant to be very well prepared, and the Davo RamBot special will work Nadiy's insides into quite a lather.  After all, it is a long way from the mouth to anus, I suppose.

Everything is almost ready.  Just watch this magic trick!

Okay, more preparation and stroking of the magic wand of the magic lady.  So get ready for some magic  (I hope. Why do I agree to narrate this stuff for Yidan?)

One final thrust and the magic will flow, or so my prompter is telling me to read.

Tada!  (I guess).  The Magic lady built up enough pressure to blow clear through!  Mouth to anus in a single shot.  Bet you can't do that!

True, not very high-brow magic, but if you expected more, then you're reading the wrong blog.  We never do anything very sophisticated here at

Well, that power-trick took a lot out of our stars, so now Yidan needs to relax and recharge. A special RamBot head allows the tool to do all the work for Yidan, stroking her magic-dick in and out of Nadiy's tight ass.  Fucking and getting fucked at the same time!

As for Nadiy, she'd still Nadiy and perpetually wet and ready.  By now she's no doubt suffered enough orgasms that she is just blissfully floating along for the remainder of the ride.

Credits: [PP12 and GIMP][Bound23 by aemi1970][PhotoLights by ADP][IndustrialFan Nightshift3D][Fuck Machine by Davo][Towels by 3DC][Art Corner by Nik√©]
Nadie : [Nadie for A4][RedViper for tan lines][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][Leather CUffs by LilFlame][Helen Dress by Val3DArt]
Yidan : [Nadie for A4][skin is custom][Wynter Hair by AprilYSH][Mitsu Hair by 3D Universe][Earrings & Nose knocker by Inception8][Real M3 Gens by Satanica][Enamore Mage by Orion1167]