Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Library Fines: enemy number one!

My, my, it looks like we found Mia-Elf. Seems that you have an over-due library book!
Reply, "oh my, can't be me! I am a good elf. I always return my library book before the due date!"
Sorry, DNA doesn't lie. Since a history of over 263 over-due fines shows that a monetary fine does not correct you, Librarian Mrs Matilda Crombee has authorized ... more extreme collection methods.
Now this is nice scenery! Better than our special-action pay ... err, don't worry guys, but we'll still claim our pay.
Now all we need to do is wait ...
There we go! Will this solve elf Mia's tendency to not return books on time? Only time will tell.

(Historical note: do young adults today even know what a library book is? :-] )

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix for A4][Misao Hair & Clothing][Erogenesis body tweaks][Primitive Bondage Ropes][Vent Room][Fuck machine vib]

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Reality Lux Render

Playing with the Reality Add-on for Poser. It is an interesting change of pace, but I can't get the noise down. This is the image after an hour of work (while I drove out to run an errand).

The Barbarian Princess is treated rudely ... unmolested, more or less.
This is how Lux starts - as noisy, and then Lux refines and refines the image.

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Akemi/Nadie mix for A4][Dryades Hair][Erogenesis body tweaks][Davo Pichard World Set 1]

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Interesting Free resource - Davo

Nadiy is as ready as she'll every be!

Ran across an interesting free resource ... the home web site of sir Davo (as of Renderotica prop fame) : http://www.orexart.com/

He offers a variety of free stuff, including; cow tags & bells, horse parts, spikes and syringes, bamboo restraints, easy-pose tentacles, and some other fun & deadly stuff.
Umm, the beast is giving Nadiy a hug. Yes, a hug. Holiday seasons greeting and all! Just a hug. Nothing more.

Honest. A hug. Damn it, just a hug!
Ignore this image; it is not of importance!
That was kind of a sneak-attack! But Nadiy doesn't seem to mind.  I mean, when a female with horns loiters around a pasture of male herd-beast, then she needs to anticipate some such surprise attacks!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nadiy Gets A Check-Up

Nadiy Elf is in for her annual checkup at the Yidan Institute of Advanced Medicine. That's quite a sweet & sassy dress she's wearing. Guess she's excited about the hi-tech experience.
But I think she's having second thoughts about us watching her exam. She's normally not very shy about anything!
Well, this is all in the name of science! So she is stoic and models Yidan's patented body sensors for us.
It is a bit undignified! But it can't be helped (although I suspect Yidan designed this way on purpose)
The initial entry of the probes is always a bit gross and wormy! But ... it can't be helped!
And to be honest, once the probes are in and the sensors wiggling into tight nooks, it is rather pleasant ... in ways you wouldn't dare tell your mother!

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix for A4][Pyrit Hair][Erogenesis body tweaks][Kasmira Jewelery][Go My Way Dress][Mad Lab III gear][SciFi Lounge]

Monday, December 9, 2013


Welcome to Papa-San's Fantasy Elf Dress-Up Theater: Elf-Rumble, School-Girl-Special!!

The audience is full, and eager to watch the battle.

Today, Angie Elf is the white-team and Nadiy Elf is blue ... sock color is the safest team color to watch, since their socks are not likely to get lost!
Now the betting can begin. The combatants show off the assets. For this match, the pre-match odds were not very good: 3.4 in White-Team's favor, but the Blue-Team looks eager and confident.
Phase one done, and Team-Blue has manged to auction of her bra, panties, and skirt ... all still warm, while Team-White managed only her panties.

Papa-San's theater buys the clothes by the crate, so their lose is no problem, but the combatants make a solid commission on the sale.
Down comes the arena! The audience is speachless in anticipation, and look, one of Blue-Team's fans paid $20 so she could use an anal-vib against white-team? Is that a cheat? of course not! With such bad odds, the small vibrator tosses in a wild-card. Would it allow Blue-Team to bet White? maybe! Betting is still open.
The combatants are ready for the bell.

Why the legs chained up? The bar? The bell?

Papa-San innovations. The first season of these battles did not go well, as the number-one team tended to use thigh pressure to near-asphyxiate her opponents ... which did NOT make for a very exciting arena battle. After all, an elf who's passed out cannot feel her enemy's attack, no respond to it.

The leg-up prevented such defensive moves.
There's the bell!

As expected, White-Team digs in ... and Blue-Team is startled by the force. Still Blue-Team works on her advantage, perhaps too gently inserting the vib. Gentleness is a weakness in Blue-Team.

But now the battle is down to the long haul. Blue-Team bits down gently, as that is a know counter to White-team's attack. Each team needs to defocus the other. This first bit does cause a shutter and gasp from the Whites, the bell even gongs softly at the shutter, but the White-Team sucks it in and focuses again, clamped onto sensitive-parts like a rat-terrier on a taco!

The area turns slowly, with mirrors and high-definition cameras giving both local and remote viewers close-up views. Papa-San does make a good profit off these Elf Dress-Up events!
Well folks, we are over the hill. White-Team has managed to keep a tight focus, while breaking Blue-team's focus. Blue-Team can do little but moan and enjoy her situation.
And then Blue-Team gives up, enjoying the ripples of pleasure rolling up her loins.

White-team keeps up the pressure. Angie likes the tastes of Nadiy's response, but she reaches up and rings the bell, the sign the match is done.
No for phase III of the show, the reward of the winners and punishment of the loser.

Winner Angie presents herself for auction to a single audience member for the evening. She'll make a solid commission on the payment.

As for the loser, Papa-San charges audience members small service fees ... which Nadiy still gets a cut. And while Angie will make a lot more from her sale, but Nadiy will service a dozen audience members or more. It adds up!

Why the paddling? Another Papa-San innovation. Anyone who bet on the loser gets one free smack on Nadiy's loser-butt! More smacks cost money! The first benefit of this innovation is it causes lots of audience members to bet small amounts on the underdog, since they are guaranteed of at least a little return on their investment! Seconds, it gets them up close and personal, so more likely to break-down and pay for a warmer, more intimate piece of the loser's flesh.

Well, on we go. If winner Angie wears her patron out & he leaves, then she can pick up cash helping loser Nadiy. As for Nadiy, all she has to do bend over in her pillory-of-shame, let the paying customers do the work, and feel good as the small-change builds up in her artist-account.

The next show? No promises ... I would need to think up a new 'battle-game'. Just thought this two outfits were cute.

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix A4][Traditional Sailor Uniform and Cheap Lingerie for A4 by Red Viper/Sharecg][Inception8 jewelry][Erogenesis genitals][LF Pinup Studio][LF Gold Heart Bed][stocks from Richabri Den of Iniquity][M4 with beer-belly and 'Shaw' mats ... does anyone even care about him?]

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Old MATS, Musing, Product Links

Just some random musings ...

I wish i understood the Poser material room better, and I guess i am slowly learning more.

As of Poser9/PP2012 there was some change in the std shaders. Maybe my problem is I like this old 4blueeyes IBL lighting set designed for Poser6. I suppose i should work harder to find a newer 'stock' set, but these are an old comfortable fit.

Not sure what changed, but to the left is my stock beloved Nadie for A4 rendered in PP2014. Hmm, even if I wanted to call her Obama's elf-cousin, that skin color isn't very good anymore.
First very simple fix - I apply RedViper's SSS (sub-Surface Scatter) from ShareCG, which uses Python so I assume is Poser only. This of course increases rendering times due to the separate SSS render steps, but the result is more as expected.

However, the eyes seem milky and a bit dead compared to a modern A4 'morph/texture set' like Akemi for A4.
So first cheat, with little pay-back ... I apply Akemi's blue eye mat to my stock Nadie A4. Hmm, clearly the texture-map changed, but the eye deadness is still true. So the Akemi eye mats assume some portion of the material tree is set by the skin MATS pose.
So here I used the Poser material room to first 'select all' in the 7_EyeSurface material tree, then delete it.  Selecting an Akemi object (which fortunately I have in this scene), I can 'select all' again and then copy/paste it over.

The result is the darker eye pupil and brighter reflection high light.
So here is the result (with some minor postwork in GIMP to increase color/saturation).

The right elf is Nadie for A4 with the above changes, while the left elf is Matilda for A4 with Akemi MATS applied.

The sailor suit / school-girl outfit is from RedViper at ShareCG.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Elf Rumble - Stay Tuned!

Coming next to Papa-San's Fantasy Elf Dress-Up Theater: Elf-Rumble, School-Girl-Special!!

(Betting online at Vegas-Events dot something or other ... remember to drink and gamble responsibility, but only after helping out poor Angie and Nadiy with their school expenses!)

Just a silly render series I dreamed up and will post in a week or so ... the gals battle it out in an arena of red leather and steel! Watched by millions! Focus is key!
Lets just say that Papa-San's Theater ain't exactly up to Shakespearean standards, and of course the elf-gals involved are over 18 ... in their 20's even ... although given elves live to be 250 that means ... err, never mind.

If you attend the rumble in person, the warm undies will be auctioned off for benefits (fine-print: benefit  of the gals involved! Minus a modest handling fee by Papa-San)

Is it a fight? Sort of. Who will triumph? Who will cry uncle first (or more likely, cry "Oh, I'm cumming!")

Place your bets. Although Angie is favored to win nearly 4-to-1, Nadiy's fans have been bidding to give her an edge in the match.

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix A4][Traditional Sailor Uniform and Cheap Lingerie for A4 by Red Viper/Sharecg][Inception8 jewelry][Luxury Pinup Scene]

Monday, November 25, 2013

New Main Drive

Nadiy elf tries on a new outfit. I approve. Do you? Could even be laser-proof ... if the enemy hit her in the right spots! Also she preps for some Thai boxing (spiky style!)

Well, I spent the last 2 days rebuilding my drive C. Some driver conflict had my system blue-screening a dozen times a day with those page-faults which imply driver problems. It was especially unstable during use of GIMP or exiting Poser, but even if I left the system sit idle for an hour or two, I'd come back to find the login screen after a reboot ... with nothing running but some idle file-explorer windows.

But it was about time, since my Windows was from 2010 and has gone through 3 video cards and a lot of installed/deleted software ... and you know how well software uninstalls! Plus at the same time I swapped out my old RAID-based dual raptors drive-C for a new 250Gb SSD which I bought on sale for $90 a few months ago.

Since my personal data (and poser files) are on a 2TB drive F:, it wasn't too much work and uped my Win7 rating from 5.8 to 7.3. The 10000RPM Raptors were noisy and ran hot, so I assume a single SSD is a better deal.

The bulk of the time (about 10 hours) was spent trying to backup my old drive C to a USB drive when the system kept crashing & the backup needed to restart several times. Since the old drives were in RAID, I could not just keep the old C drive as backup (as I usually do) - that is the problem with RAID; the data is specific to the RAID controllers, which was only the motherboard's builtin chipset (perhaps the root of the page faults?)

So far, no crashes in 12 hours.

Basic system is:
- quad core i7 860 @ 2.80 GHz
- Windows 7 Home Premium
- 12.0 GB of RAM
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 (I don't play games - just render)
- 250GB SSD drive C/system; 2TB drive F:/data.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nadiy Moon-lights as a Fashion Model!

Once a week, Yidan lets Nadiy work as a fashion model for one of their neighbors! How nice. Of course Nadiy is still a novice, so her pay is in free lessons. No money yet ... but someday she will be good enough to get paid to model.

I wonder why the camera is not even plugged in ... it probably runs on battery. That's it.
I think she could do quite well in this trade ... err, if elves were tall enough to wear fashion clothes! I am not sure where the neighbor gets the stylish clothing, but Nadiy never wears any clothes for very long during her fashion photo shot.

Yowzah! A nice full MOON seen during her moon-lighting! Moon-pie anyone? Nadiy looks good enough to eat.
Oh, I should add, lately Nadiy has been training in team posing. Here comes her normal team-mate, Mister Smith, who apparently works as a city police detective or something ... a friend of Yidan, I guess. Not sure why a detective wants to learn to be a fashion model. Any ideas? Maybe someone owes someone favors?
Nadiy likes Mister Smith. Mister Smith likes Nadiy. They make a great team!

Of course, elves are smaller than humans, and one could wonder if Mister Smith might be a bit rough on poor little Nadiy Elf. She certainly doesn't mind, and experience shows that Nadiy rather likes some rough handling.

Just flop her on the bed, and Nadiy is ready for the photo-shot cum video session! Nadiy really likes modeling with Mister Smith!

I mean, she really REALLY likes teaming up with Mister Smith. One might wonder how that "man thing" could ever fit in her small elvin "lady place" ... but a lifetime of magical meddling and sexual usage by half-sister Yidan insures that Nadiy stretches out well, and even snaps back to shape like new.

The only hard part ... the first pose of the session ...

But after the first pose, Nadiy can relax and let Mister Smith do all the posing work, insuring the photo shoot a success!

She does feel guilty about making Mister Smith doo all the work, but Mister Smith insists her skills are great already, that it is he who needs the practice.
Proof Mister Smith actually does fit in there ... somehow.

Nadiy and Mister Smith both enjoy their weekly team fashion modeling.
Another fine training session cums to an explosive end!

But team-modeling sure tires out poor Nadiy Elf, who needs a nap after the dozen orgasms Mister Smith's powerful practicing inflicts upon her. She is a real trooper ... I hope Mister Smith appreciates his team-mate!

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Nadiy = mix of Matilda/Akemi/Nadie for A4][Erogensis Gens][Alanis Hair][Inception8 Jewelry][X Touched plus custom latex mats][Nike Art Corner][Camera/Lights by Fober-Action ShareCG][Freak 4]