Monday, January 28, 2013

Nadiy has a Dream ...

Here is a long complex series of images. Was trying to get Yidan porked for Vaesark, but it didn't turn out exactly as I imagined. But then, I like to make images which interest my twisted mind, so may not always interest others (why I don't do commissions).

Nadiy has a Dream ...

Nadiy is Queen of the Land! This is her beautify castle, with 100 rooms, and 100 servants!

Queen Nadiy has wonderful pink dresses, pearls, a jeweled throne room, and even a Heart Throne.

It is good to be Queen!

Queen Nadiy can do anything she likes - including commanding you peasants to admire her tan lines. Look! Admire!

Or off with your head!

It is good to be Queen!

Of course Queen Nadiy has a very special, custom throne! She just pushes here ... and voila! Instant personal entertainment!

It is good to be Queen!

The custom throne is a perfect fit.

Queen Nadiy even had a few special dresses split in back, which allowed her to hold court, all while plugged into her special personal entertainment.

Nothing helps a queen tolerate boring petitioners then a royal pussy plugged with a humming vibrator. The best part is that Nadiy didn't need to clean the velvet seat cushion after use; she had servants for that!

It is good to be Queen!

Today, you are privileged to witness Queen Nadiy's pay-per-view channel. She modeled it on California driving schools - get a ticket? Pay some businessman $600 to eat nachos and drink margaritas while you ignore all the driving advice you have heard forever.

In Queen Nadiy's case, she now allows selected Evil-Doers get out of their sentences if they agreed to appear on her special show.

For example, this is Evil-Doer #1. Her crime? Opening packaged goods at the supermarket to feel the contents, then putting the open box back (because someone had opened it ...) and taking another. What a hideous crime!

Evil-Doer #1 is quite surprised to see the queen naked!  Err, with a vibrator massaging her pussy!

Why is Evil-Doer #1 still wearing her underpants? Well, Evil-Doer #1 promised to do anything asked - if she could wear her underpants. The Queen agreed.

Does that sound like a good idea? One wonders why Queen Nadiy would agree to that, but Queen Nadiy has a great way to start the "promised to do anything".

"Doing anything" would start now. Evil-Doer #1 is further shocked as the queen shifted her hips up and forward, slipping the now well lub'd vib up her ass.

Evil-Doer #1 is safely parked by the Queen as the guards go to get Evil-Doer #2.

The Queen could tell that Evil-Doer #1 had never licked a girl's pussy before, but she was a quick learner.

Oooh! Noo! This is the vile Evil-Doer #2. Her crime? Seems she ran a fake product testing company, which was only a front for strapping her little sister into evil machines, then porking her!

This will be a special show! Usually Queen Nadiy has 1 female evil-doer and 1 male evil-doer. Yet today, they have 1 female evil-doer and 1 kind-of male evil-doer!

It is good to be Queen!

Today's show starts with a good paddling, and Evil-Doer #1 is amazed to see what she sees! A blue-skinned gal with an ass, vagina, and cock.

Queen Nadiy is liking the direction of this day's show!

Queen Nadiy's guards do a skilled job of butt paddling. Of her own accord, Evil-Doer #1 props her head in the binding, letting the strange blue cock press her throat chokingly after each new blow! Another new adventure for her, but she's getting into the spirit of the pay-per-view show.

Better, Queen Nadiy knew that the cock-shackle on Evil-Doer #2 was tight enough to prevent her from coming until allowed. Virgin lips on Evil-Doer #2's cock would be a powerful stimulant.

But the padding was just the warm up act.

Evil-Doer #2 then finds herself chained into a new device (thanks to Sir Davo, from a neighboring kingdom).

Evil-Doer #1 practices her new pussy licking skills, while the red-guard makes sure Evil-Doer #2's throat opens far enough.

Queen Nadiy is enjoying this show. Many firsts are being recorded for posterity.

Time for the main act!

Evil-Doer #2 has a collection of dwarfish minions, who have eagerly agreed to help out with the queen's show? Are they in danger of retribution? Not really, since Evil-Doer #2 is too self-centered to recognize one minion as different from another!

Given Evil-Doer #1 was doing the pussy-licking well, Queen Nadiy decided that Evil-Doer #1 should learn a little deep-throat!

Things are going well!

Queen Nadiy is especially pleased because she's heard a rumor that Evil-Doer #2 has never had a man's cock in her mouth! Hmm, but did minions count as men? Whatever.

Evil-Doer #1 is getting the deep-part down perfectly. The queen checks out the fabric of Evil-Doer #1's underpants, thinking the crotch was far too wet to be safe!

For the safety of Evil-Doer #1, it was time for a change. The queen had agreed to allow Evil-Doer #1 to wear her panties, but not how.

Contact! It is good to be Queen!

Evil-Doer #1 is still wearing her underpants, but now the red-guard gets to practice her greatest skill, pumping her hips. One good thrust into Evil-Doer #1's pussy, and she came noisily, the sound adding to Evil-Doer #2's pain.

The queen could hear the pained moaning of Evil-Doer #2. So much stimulation was driving her to orgasm, but the queen would not allow that to happen.

After lots of coming, it was time for Queen Nadiy to get into the act.

Evil-Doer #1 is sent off to the next room, where the minions would no doubt punish her more! (Want to see if true? Pay another $5 for another pay-for-view, and find out!)

But now Evil-Doer #2 is really getting hammered, by a powered double-whammy! Still, she could not release.

This is too cruel - stop watching!  All of you, go away!

Guess you are still here.

Queen Nadiy's tight royal pussy adds to Evil-Doer #2's suffering. Her loyal guards lend her a hand (or rather a dildo and a head).

Don't worry about the guards, for as you see one is 'concave' and one is 'convex' (meaning one pokes out, and the other can get poked in). Plus the queen likes her guards to be nice and ripe for their evening private duties!

It is great to be queen!

Ta Da! Mounted fully, Queen Nadiy could feel every thrust of the power driver transferred up Evil-Doer #2's cock into her belly.

The time is coming for the queen to 'come'. Purple-guard is ready to release the cock-shackle as soon as Queen Nadiy comes.

Ker-Power! You figure out the rest.

But be warned - building up too much force can be dangerous when released!

Nadiy suddenly wakes from her dream, her crotch strangely sloppy and tingly.

Nadiy realizes that it is only her sister Yidan sleep-fucking again! You know, like sleep-walking, but without walking involved. Or rather Yidan first walked from her room to Nadiy's room, then starts fucking.

Of course, now awake and able to enjoy the porking, Nadiy is careful not to wake the porker.

For Yidan had warned Nadiy to never wake a sleep-fucker ... or something very bad would happen. Something like the end of the world, or something even worse!

Credits [PP12 and GIMP] Queen Nadiy: [Nadie for A4][Ruffus][RedViper for tan lines][Posh Hair][Earrings by Inception8][Fantasy Castle][Heart of the Matter Tree][LisaB plants][Princess Dress][Illumination Silence Chapel][Heart Throne][Dungeon 7, V4 Tight Kit, Quonset Hut GynoChair by Davo]

Guards: [Bettine and Aisling for A4][Qain Hair by AprilYSH][Earrings by Inception8][The Sentry Armor (legs, arms, shoes) by Val][Rubber Nurse Corset, Mask, Strap On by LitFlame]

Evil Doer #1: {Cindy Hair][Lady Briefs, heavy Cuffs, and neck-Arm Restraints by LitFlame]

Evil Doer #2: [Nadie for A4][skin is custom][Wynter Hair by AprilYSH][Mitsu Hair by 3D Universe][Earrings & Nose knocker by Inception8][Real M3 Gens by Satanica]

Grind Grind Pound Pound

Ashley was bored with her job as a Queen's guard. Train! Train! Grind! Grind! Pound! Pound!

Fortunately, the guards trained in pairs, and soon it would be Ashley's turn to be victim.

Since I struggled through retexturing these elaborate outfits, A quicky for fun :)

Credits [PP12 and GIMP][Downstairs Room by Davo][Quonset Hut Gyno Chair by Davo][Bettine and Aisling for A4][Qain Hair by AprilYSH][Earrings by Inception8][The Sentry Armor (legs, arms, shoes) by Val][Rubber Nurse Corset, Mask, Strap On by LitFlame]

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nadiy has a Dream ... WIP

Nadiy has a dream - a Work-In-Progress!

Been working on this one a while, but with up to seven (7) A4/M4 class figures per scene, it is slow going. Plus it's long, 22 images, and climbing.

Synopsis: Nadiy has a dream. She is Queen Nadiy, and knows that it is GOOD to be Queen! For example, Queen's don't need to clean the velvet throne after use of the built in dildo attachment; Queens have attendants to do that.

Even better, a Queen gets to punish evil doers on her own pay-per-view cable show! (Hey, even Queens need pocket money at times) Needless to say, sister Yidan is a very dangerous evil-doer, in need of lots of punishment! The clamp on Yidan's willy prevents her from coming ... until the Queen gives her permission.

As always, it's my style of fun and humor, so not to everyone's tastes.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Master Cromstef takes an Apprentice

Venerable Guild-Master Cromself of the blacksmith Guild has taken a new apprentice - this is a rare occasion indeed! Let's listen in to see how the lessons are going:

... grumble ... that thing stings ... grumble ... grumble ... who does she think she is ... grumble ... just 'cause the king likes her ... grumble ... I don't ...

"If you spend less time complaining, dear apprentice, and more time focused upon your task, then you will accomplish greater things sooner."

Ah, ah, yes mistress ... I mean Master-Cromstef ... I am persevering to correct my incorrect attitude.


An old image from 2009 - playing with Freak 4 when he came out.  Yes, I apologize that this is an Aiko3, not Aiko4 :)  She is of course a nice 'ex-GF', my first love before A4 slowly ripped my heart out!

Credits: [P7 and GIMP][Miette for Aiko3][Temple Priestess for A3][A3 Boots by Drusila and Vadlor][The Freak 4/Daz][Medieval Blacksmith by faveral][anvil, apron, hammer for F3][Floor by mapps & yesitis3][drinking glass by Jestertjuuh]