Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fun with the Hired Hands

Got myself a new upstairs maid today. A perky red-headed elf. Elves are of course fun: bendable, durable, eager, a tad greedy for human-coin, and impregnable (or at least man-sperm can't knock'm up).

Been having some weird Poser trouble - I have 3 versions installed, and somehow the last SR3 for PoserPRO 2012 changed the way textures are applied in all three. Maybe some Windows registry conflict? Literally, I can't recreate old PZ3 as all 3 (P7, P8, and PP12) create complicated skin textures which mean only NEW women-models work well. Old PZ3 open and work fine, but new ones created with lady textures made in 2008 have horrible skin tone.

Of course, an apron-dress begs to be tried without the dress. The request confused the maid, but the result is good. I might make this mandatory dress-code after 7PM :)

Getting down to business!?! I gave my red-head elf a shot of Erogensis's Lali Bits. Other than the base Aiko4 body and a Nadie head, the Lali Bits are defaults. Lali bits adds morphs to most of the girl: face, breasts, legs, vagina, ass. Plus includes lots of movement settings.

One really cool setting is 'master control', which lets one temporarily remove Lali bits WITHOUT loosing the settings. For example, in the first image my maid is dressed, but since Lali's default breasts are larger than standard A4, plus sag 'naturally', which means they would poke through the dress. The master-control lets one undo the Lali bits, which won't show under a long-maid dress.

The Lali face is great - a bit more anima than V4 or A4, but she can smile broadly without getting shadow-casting jowls! The nipples are bit small, and applying the V4 Morph++ nipple morphs causes them to get long and needle thin. But at least one doesn't need Morph++ (other than a few like hand-grasp I add in manually).

Here my maid primps a bit sideways, with a smile no V4 or A4 could make look sweet. Notice the prominent labia minora, which I think are due to A4's more slopped mons pubis. It's fine, and I'm sure there are morphs somewhere in Lali to clean this up.

Lali's bits do look pretty good on an A4, or at least they are not understated! I added an old Aiko3 public hair prop ... my personal preference. A4's shape is much like A3's, but with some XYZ changes. Also, one need to turn the shadow off.

Here you can see the exaggerated labia minora, plus a silly smile :)

The hired help is getting tired of work.

Now she works for her $50 bonus!

Again, the Lali bits aren't ideal for A4's hips, but I didn't want to play with the dials too much yet. That can wait for another day.

This set of images was to see what a fairly generic A4-Lali can do. I'll repeat - this is a stock A4 (normal Nadiy has V4 Morphe++ applied). As a test, I did add the V4++ nipple morphs, and the hand grasp. I'll probably try to create a nice subset of V4++ things I actually use.
Credits: [PP12, GIMP][Nadie for A4][Long Maid Dress][Zelene Hair][Dublin Skin][Tan Lines, RedViper][Lali's Bits][Art Corner][Janitor Gear]

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Nadiy?

A new Nadiy? Not sure.

I purchased Erogenisis's Lali Bits, and this is Lali applied to an Aiko 4, with the skin a new SSS (sub-surface scatter) texture geared towards an Irish redhead.

I love her, but not sure she's my Nadiy :) Maybe I'll give her new hair and a new name. The 'Lali bits" (aka: the pussy) sure looks and morphs better than my previous favorite.

If you're interested, check out:
Product at

Here, the cleaning crew (of one lass, an Irish-like Elf) is eager for a quick $50!

The body is Lali, the face my traditional Nadie A4.

Sadly Bizarre?

Not that I mind Nadiy looking black, but she's an elf (not a dark/night one). The Lali bits requires one to create a new CR2 (aka: a new character), so one needs to start a new lady from scratch, and when I apply the desired skin textures under PP2012, I'm unhappy with the results - her sun tan sucks. But it's not just redviper's Python suntan, as the dark skin is true with or without the suntan!

The upper left is the old Nadiy texture, which is clearly NOT giving me my old Nadiy! Playing around with almost a dozen others, the 3 least offensive are show here, being Daphi, V4 hi-res, aad ScotLyn.

Yet I don't like the suntan in any of them, and in case you forgot what Nadiy and her tan looked like, here's an old image created in P8. Worst case, I'll need to go back to Poser8 and create a new base file with Lila bits. For whatever reason, the base file from P8 seems to load fine in PP2012, but new ones created in PP2012 are sad.
To answer Mongo's question, here is the shader tree on the Nadiy defined in Poser8
And here is the shader tree created under Poser PRO 2012 *AFTER* the Lali Bits are added to the CR2.  RedViper's 'tan lines' fail to load now.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Day Fudge!

 Happy valentine's day!

Nadiy had hoped for diamonds, or at least a fine Italian dinner!

But she guesses some fine Valentine fudge packing will have to do!

Credits [PPro12 and GIMP][Nadie for A4][RedViper for tan lines][Posh Hair by Bobbie25][Earrings by Inception8][Leather Cuffs, Pin up room, and heart-bed by LilFlame]

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Caesar Must Die!

 A simple pinup.

Lieutenant Zirwinski is at it again! In case you forgot, she ('it') is a defective clone warrior who somehow decided she needed to be a movie actress. Today she's practicing her role as Julius Caesar ... or is she Brutus? Not sure about the nude boxing, but her commander (who unbeknownst Zirwinski, sells her security feeds as cultural enrichment) sent her the outfit and the script.

Credits [P8 and GIMP][Aisling for A4][Posh Hair][Freya Armor]