Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wild Disco Dancing (Private, that is)

Another simple strip-tease set ... and elf with an Irish skin MAT. Nadiy is dancing a bit, entertaining her boss ... may prepping for a raise?
This is what short skirts are for!
A short tops? Of course, no top is better than a short top.
Ah, now she has panties! Where'd they come from?
Better! Yes, indeed. This is the kind of dance I enjoy watching. Eager elves make fine employees!

Credits: [PP14, GIMP][Nadie for A4][Erogenesis for V4][Having Fun VI][Blane Hair][Inception8 and FK Jewelry][OP Oblivion gate]

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Eccentric Martian Princess

The eccentric Martian princess likes to take an evening walk around her dune-side castle. Is she being held against her will? of course not ... I told you, she's eccentric!

Just playing with a pose for another image set.
I suppose most of you will prefer this second image more ... but I thought she was cute out walking in her undies (& a bit more appropriate for a princess!)

Credits: [PP14, GIMP][Nadie for A4][Erogenesis for V4][Honey V Undies][Davo Chains][Pyrit Hair][Inception8 Earrings][Fantasy Castle][East of the Sun background]

Biker Babe

A simple biker queen series. Hoo Hah!
She is mystified by our interest?
She is mystified that we still want to look at her ... as  she removes her clothing! True, quite a mystery!
Fewer clothes ... time to move along.  I guess our biker-babe wishes us move along, or else!

Credits: [PP14, GIMP][Nadie for A4][Bad Apples][Caleb Hair][Theorys Dream Cap][Road Gypsy MKII Cycle][Military Outpost]

Monday, October 7, 2013

Berserkers Shriek

 Okay, like I promised a "Sci-Fi teleport" set, yet ended up with a dragon. Hmm. Shit happens!

This is Polly ... and er, um, her best-friend Pimky. A dragunic you ask? A mature full-size dragunic which isn't eating humans? Is that even possible? Well, our dear Poly proves that it is. We all know how the story goes ... the clans kill mature dragunics living close to the village, and on occasion a stray foundling the size of a puppy is adapted by one of the clan children. The clan adults tolerate the infant monster ... until it gets large enough to injury a child, then they force the child to give up the pet, claiming to release it in the wilds. Of course, since young dragunic meat is a wonderful delicacy & the pup is too closely bonded to humans, none actually are returned to the wilds. Instead, a fine meal is had by all.

 Yet beast Pimky had never been witnessed by the village when small ... not until after the solstice incursion, when the 14-year old women-child named Polly had single-handedly killed 7 invading river-clan warriors, wounding another 5 so mortally that they died before reaching the clan border. That had been six seasons ago, and the team of Polly and Pimky had slaughtered another three bands of invaders, making her the most effective and deadly weapon the clan had. Yet the one elder who had witnessed one of the battles had described it more as brute-luck, for the naive woman-child had charged into the enemy with a berserker-shriek, and it had been the beast Pimky which did most of the killing, brutally slaughtering any enemy which dared turn to face the woman-child. Why this impossible bond? Gods only know.

 I came to witness the team. To document it for future generations ... err, but I didn't expect this. Cloaked in a magical mist which prevented the dragunic beast from smelling me, I chanced upon something which I had neither expected, nor wished to see. What did I see? Nothing. Nothing at all. I failed to discover anything!

I saw nothing. Stop asking. I am returning to my own village now. The bond between this young woman and the beast is but a fluke. never to be repeated. It will pass. Plus, on the brighter side ... at least she won't become pregnant prematurely!

Credits [PP14Pro and GIMP][Nadey for A4][Erogenesis for V4][Dryades Hair][Earth Warden clothing and sword][Sacred Hill][Lisa B creey Tree and Indian Grass][Mestoph Dragon][Variant Star Zeta background]

Thursday, October 3, 2013

High Speed Transport - WIP

Trying some other A4 morphs ... a new short set on the dangers (or err ... opportunities) of matter-transportation systems!

Stay tuned!