Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

Waiting for Santa

Mati Elf hangs around - waiting for Santa. I guess on the naught-nice scale, this aught to be "a nice" since she hopes to give Santa a present, but to be honest, strung up as she is, as wet and ready as she is, she won't care if Santa is rewarding or punishing her!

Credits [PP14 + GIMP][Aiko4 mix with Erogenesis morphs][Davo Kidnapper Cabin Remix & Fuck Machine][Pyrit Hair][ART Holiday Access Props][XMas Shop Props]

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Just to be Sure ...

1) Elf Duchess Mati has just returned home from her afternoon horse ride ... and boy, is she, err ... well, you know! Her Mother-in-Law, The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother, had instructed her this morning that today is the first day of her peak fertility, which means that for four days, Duchess Mati must come to this secret room in her Mother-in-Law's quarters at 3PM each day. Would her husband, the Duke come as well? Of course not - The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother would have already lied to her son, telling him that his wife's peak fertility would begin in five days, and that if he really wanted the first child to be a boy, that he must abstain from releasing his seed for four days. The Duke believed his mother, for such wisdom was clearly is a secret woman-thing!

2) Now this might confuse you, dear readers. Why keep the husband away from his wife when she is best able to get pregnant? Well, first understand that Mati is the Duke's third wife in 8 years. The first Duchess had been selected by the Duke's late father, a selection which the mother despised, knowing the beautiful woman was too scheming. Since the first wife had not produced any child in five years of marriage, the Duke decided that the woman must be barren & unable to bear children, for the Duke was certainly manly and virile!

3) Yet in truth, The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother had discovered that the first wife was taking an herbal contraceptive ... part of political intrigue, an attempt to move the title of Duke to the eldest son of the old Duke's younger brother. In fact, there was even a developing plot to poison her son, the rightful Duke. Speed up the power shift! No son, and no Duke! So when the Duke asked his mother if she thought it appropriate to dispose of his first wife cleanly, allowing him to take a second wife, The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother agreed and instructed her son how to poison the scheming wretched girl.

4) Sadly, the second Duchess also produced no child in 2 years, so the Most-Honorable Dowager Mother had begun to suspect the problem was her son, not the wives. Yet before she could arrange for her own intrigue, the Duke decided that the second Duchess must also be trying to leave him childless, to steal his throne ... he poisoned the second wife without his mother's knowledge.

5) Sigh, thus dear little Mati Elf got the job, becoming the third Duchess of the mighty house - third time's a charm, right? So quickly, before her block-head son could kill off another mother-approved wife, The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother took control of the child-producing situation. She employed several experts in female fertility, becoming the scheduler of her son's sex life. He was free to fuck his cute young wife as often as he liked ... just not on the four days before her peak period of fertility. After all, even the Duke was eager for his first child to be a boy!

6) Yet you, dear reader, have already heard of the deception. The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother borrowed a confidential steward from one of her friends - a man who had already fathered five child, all of them male. Most importantly, the steward had the same build, coloring, and general appearance of her son the Duke! If he fathered a child by Duchess Mati, it would likely be a boy who resembled the Duke! As close to a perfect solution as the mother could think of.

7) Yet this scheme had its price! The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother was determined that her Daughter-In-Law not enjoy the four days of sex granted her solely to product a male heir. So the steward was first required to bind Duchess Mati ...

8) ... and give her a solid whipping with her own riding crop! Of course, Mati was an obedient Daughter-In-Law, submitting to the butt-thrashing, and who could blame The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother for not understanding that the whipping suited Mati just fine, making her unnaturally hot, wet, and ready for some solid pussy slamming!

9) Yet pity the poor steward! He was surrounded by demanding women! Not only did he have to follow the instructions of the Mother-In-Law if he wished to keep his head, but Duchess Mati demanded that the poor underling give her at least three orgasms each day, if he didn't want her telling lies about him to the The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother. The steward did his best, and Duchess Mati considered the multiple orgasms payback for a husband who never bothered to even give her one!

But alas! Will intrigue never end! Duchess Mati has failed to mention to her Mother-In-law that she is several months late! Likely she is already with child, but still, it never hurts to suffer as many great orgasms as she can ... JUST TO BE SURE!

Credits [PP14 + GIMP][Aiko4 mix][Happily Ever After Dress][Urban Fae under-dress and Pantaloons][Boudoir Secrets Corset Panty and stockings][Duchess Hair][LF Ballet heels & heavy cuffs][Erogenesis for V4][Victorian Bedroom][Mapps dynamic quilt][Richabri Bondage Horse][Henrika Spanking Fun]

One last image - since I rendered it. A close up of Mat's tight vagina - courtesy of vendor Erogenesis and his V4 genitals for Poser.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Super-Hero Wins Again!

Well! Joyous news! Super-hero Mati Elf Pink Blossom has captured her nemesis, Cute-Poison (Anna-Elf) Babe.
Now, it is time for punishment! Cute-Poison concerned. Don't Geneva conventions prohibit such tortures of captured prisoner-of-war?
Primed and ready to plunge, push, and torture. Glorious Pink-Blossom elf-girl is geared uo and ready to pound away. Don't you morn and pine for poor dear Cute-Poison?
Slap. Slap. Slap. Punishment is in progress!

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix A4][Close Combat Outfit Blossom and Dirty Warehouse by Red Viper][Inception8 jewelry and mask][X Touched 02 Dress][Predatron Trash Stash][Davo Devious Devises #1 Saddle][LittleFlame cuffs]

Monday, October 20, 2014

Stress Test

 Mati Elf accepts a new test job. It looks a bit painful, but nothing beats a good solid job with a paycheck which doesn't bounce!
 Ready, Set ... Go?
 Locked in place, waiting for the keeper of the crank. One turn, or two? More?
 A few cranks. Not bad.
A few more cranks, and it becomes painful. With one foot off the ground, her weight presses exactly where she wishes it did not. Will she survive? Of course, but she'll demand a lot of kissing and licking of her boo-boos.

Sorry i don't update my blog despite doing many cool elf-bondage things. Common sense says to delete such online presences not conducive to professional engineering growth and income. But what the heck, yah?

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix for A4][Classic Rolled Hair][Erogenesis body tweaks][Latex Fantasies outfit][Lully Light Box][Davo Pichard World saddle and gag]

Sunday, June 29, 2014

In a More Rational Universe ...

In a universe far, far away .. and one a bit more rational ... clone-troopers are cute Elf-Gals instead of some dumpy old grump named Bobo Fett!

And while the troops seem to die from a lot of gut-shots, the design really protects the more vital head-areas, allowing the evil empire to download and forward the combat skills of the dying clone into another clone fighter.

The public dismisses the system as fluff, as gov't waste; the public is quick to judge and ignorant. Most of the clone troopers have over two hundred years of combat knowledge and skill. They may be cute and quick to drop their panties for a quick fuck, but they are lethal! They keep the Evil Empire alive and well!

FYI - the Aiko4 are (from left to right), Nadiy, Matilda, Akemi, and Terrin.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yes Boss! Grrr ... Boss!

Nadiy Elf comes in from her afternoon chores ... helping the boss' under-age wife with her tennis. Worse, the wife was both a bad tennis player, and a poor sport. So playing tennis with her was exhausting: hit her gentle balls she can return, miss shots you could obviously hit so that she feels good about her superior skills, and laugh of as lucky shots things she clumsily misses!

 Nadiy Elf comes in from her afternoon chores ... helping the boss' under-age wife with her tennis. Worse, the wife was both a bad tennis player, and a poor sport. So playing tennis with her was exhausting: hit her gentle balls she can return, miss shots you could obviously hit so that she feels good about her superior skills, and laugh of as lucky shots things she clumsily misses!

Indeed, why not! Nadiy did like performing. The cheers. The sneers. The beers.
Here goes. One, set, ready, mount!
At least, Nadiy has a job with benefits! The probe is deep and buzzing, pushing forward to press her clitoris against the vib panel. An east job. Good tips. Sweet blissful ending!

Credits [PP14 + GIMP][Aiko4 mix][Redviper Tennis][Redviper Nene Hair][Neon Nights Scene] [RumenD Sybian Saddle]

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Energy Enhancement

Trying out 'our' roots again; Nadiy Elf and I. Blond Posh hair and her 'taxi-checked' Pampoen. The skin is Scotlyn, but it is perhaps a bit too light. In my runtime, I ran across Dendras Electro-Tort set from (my god! pre-V1?) 2001. The rack, clips and cables are all from Dendras, but expect to spend some time in the Poser joint-editor, as the default 'center' for movement/rotation is totally wacked. The control box and battery is from a newer Davo set (Quonset Hut).

Nadiy has been feeling a little drained, ya-know, short of energy. So when she sees her kindly neighbor, old Science Professor Strumbeck out tending his roses, she asked if he can do something about her low energy levels.
Seems he can; he offers to tweak her energy levels. Down in his basement, where he has what he calls his "Easy-A machine". Something about students ... like cheerleaders ... wanting easy science credits.
Nadiy follows, even though she doesn't need college credits. She even undresses? Why not ... she gets naked in all of my render sets. This set is no different! Strip, Nadiy, Strip.

By the way, this is Darkseal's brilliant Panty Dropper for V4 Basicwear
Mounted, the professor pushes the well lubricated gold-plated probe up her tight ass. The probe is big, long, and COLD!!
Next the wiring: red is power, black ground, and the blue is control-feedback. All scientific! Yet I doubt his methods of 'energy enhancement' are sanctified by the scientific community as a whole! And why does a respectable professor even have such equipment in his basement! Oh, yah, to give Easy A's.
The power jolts through Nadiy, as the professor expertly adjust the circuit for the correct charge effect. It started out a bit too high, but the professor gets the level right.
Now idling in steady state, power entering Nadiy's sensitive nipples, draining out the gold-plated probe up her ass. The professor investigates, enjoying the feel and scent of her pulsing pussy. He sucks a while, making sure the front passage is slick.
Then the real energy magic, moving the ground to his own ass, the Professor makes a nice wet connection with dear Nadiy, positive power on her nipples, tickles through vagina and cock, then grounded out his ass. I mean, is this a 'Hook Up' or what!?! At least the professor is long and hard, so the sex is truly electrifying! (Okay, sorry ... bad pun)

But I'm sure a good fucking will help perk Nadiy up!

Credits [PP14 + GIMP][Aiko4 mix][Pampeon Outfit][Posh Hair][M4 Beer Belly and Veranil][Secret Garden][Scary Basement][Dendras Electro-Tort][Quonset Hit props][Industrial Clutter]

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mati Elf Visits the New Retro-Spa

Mati Elf visits the new trendy 'Retro-Spa' in Uptown (retro as in medieval theme!) It has soft lights, soothing water sounds, scented candles, and relaxing yoga stretching.
And of course nice, deep, probing massage by strong, err ... hands!

Credits [PP14 + GIMP][Aiko4 mix][Violet Hair][Erogensis for V4 body & genital morphs][Davo Pichard World 4][Luz de Imagen][Billy T Nurse Set][Cistern scene][Finks Water plain][Vincent F4]

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hard Currency Reserves

People seem to think of Santa as some magic dude who makes toys for free ... well, for the most part he does (or rather his ELVES do!) However, Santa does need a modest injection of hard currency each year. So each year, Santa sends out some elves during off-season to earn cold hard cash.

One such earner, Elf Mati, found herself in Palm Springs, working at a fancy exclusive "Country Club". She had worried that the humans would be unfriendly ... she not have worried. The golfers - all boy-humans - turned out to be very friendly! They all wanted her to come to their table, where they used their ... err, "Hello Stick" ... to greet her. It was an odd ritual; an odd way to say hello. Certainly boy-elves did not say Hello to girl-elves this way.

At first the size of their Hello-Sticks worried her, but soon she began to really enjoy the Hello greeting. Plus bartender Big Joe watched out for Mati, making sure any customers who "said hello" to her paid her a large tip ... which Big Joe collected for her. Every boy-human wishing to say "Hello" to Elf Mati needed to give Big Joe the cash ... the Hard Currency her dear Santa required.

The amount of Hard Currency she collected for Santa was amazingly large ... Elf Mati hoped Santa was pleased with her collections.

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix for A4][Classic Rolled Hair][Erogenesis body tweaks][Casino Girl Outfit][Adorned in Pearls Jewellery][Bar Interior Scene][Shaw for M4 and Casual Wear]

Sunday, April 13, 2014

When Life Hands You Lemons ...

Mati returns 'home' after a hard day's shift down at the Planetary Customs Bureau. It's not really home, because she (like most single workers) share the room with 1 or 2 people on other shifts ... plus there's the damn ladder. Seven floors of women climb up and down this ladder ... through her home, just as she climbs through the three floors of other people's room. It stinks, but it's cheap.
Ah, no ... it really stinks; her two room mates are pigs. Or rather one is a pig, and the second gal refuses to do anything the pig doesn't do. Mati tries her best to keep the place livable, despite the fact she only 'owns' the room for 10 PSD hours per 30 hour day, and for only 7 of those hours is the ladder access cut off to give her privacy.

Still, she can smile and never even dream of complaining, because she has a secret. A secret neither of her pig-let room-sharers knows. In fact, a secret her boss would surely like to know (as would the police). Since their building is on the way "down", much of the room's automation is broken: The clothes streamer? Busted. The beverage brewer/food warmer? Busted. All the management keeps working is the vid-screen (on the wall) and toilet/bath (under the mattress).

Yet Mati thought to tinker, so she opened the deep recesses of the busted food machine ... and discovered a Borinimum neural probe. Very illegal - as one who worked at the Customs Bureau would know! Seems this room had been used previously by a Borinimum, or someone who traded with them. Why is it illegal? Because it can be addictive and even "mind blowing" if misused. Mati enjoys seeing just how close to blowing her mind she can push it. Afterwards, sleep is good and solid.

(Actually, this is the first render-set done on my new 8-core AMD FX 4Ghz, 16GB RAM, SSD, Win 8.1. Is it faster? Hard to say. This image has a lot of reflections, but it is certainly not any slower! I figured my 'old' i7 4-core is nearly 4 years old, worthy of a change.)

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix for A4][SD3 Q Hair][Erogenesis body tweaks][Attitude Jewellery/spikes][AS Lemonade Outfit][Davo ZMech Probe][Sm SciFi Bedroom]

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cow Poke? Poking Cows?

Well, it's off-season, and ya'll just never know where you'r gonna find Santa's vacationing elves! Look'e here. This one's cow-girl'n, but looks like she's taken offense at jests by some drunk cow-pokes ... something about a cow they wan'a poke. Fight'n words fer sure. I'll leave 'em to it.
(Sometime later ...)

Better check on things ... hmmph. Not really sur-prizen, I guess.
Look'e here, elf missy. When you're barely 4 foot tall, weight maybe 70 pounds ... when wet, best fight with ya winchester stead of your fists! Hmm, but prudy nice scenery you got there. Nice indeed. How may I help you, Ma'am?

(I was just playing around last night. This outfit didn't fit Aiko4 so well, and the panties looked like crap so I used Rhiannon's Cutoff Jeanz instead. They fit and pose extremely well. I've always liked the Primitive Bondage kit - the way the ropes and poles work by being split & pointing at each other is very clever ... other vendors aught to take note.]

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix A4][Cindy Short Hair][Calamity outfit][Cutoff Jeanz][Lisa-B dead & creepy plants][TerraDome][old Beach Pavilion][Daz Python and songbird][Primitive Bondage Kit]

Monday, March 3, 2014

Power Girl Meets Dr Evil!

Gadzooks! Dr Evil has his new nudy-ray in hand, and he strips Power Girl of her defensive layers one by one! What will happen next?

Well fortunately for our heroine, Dr Evil doesn't get out much, so her secret weapons distract the evil scientist long enough ...

I was curious how one makes an animated GIF, so I read up on a tutorial for GIMP. The outfit is the old "Close Combat Dress for A4" called Marine by Red Viper. It was at ShareCG, but is long gone.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Taming of the Barbarian Princess

The Taming of the Barbarian Princess

I did this series a while ago, but never posted. Playing with a new Davo prop set I purchased.

Harrzah! The dreaded (& dread-knotted) barbarian princess from beyond the river Gorng has been subdued! The royal troops can now press onward, adding the rich valley beyond to the king's domain.
Yet to spur his troops on, the king must first convince them that the barbarian's greatest weapon, a terror which had kept the Gorng river an impassable barrier for decades, that the warrior princess is no demon; no goddess. That she is but a common helpless girl-child when handled by real men!
So the Barbarian Princess is cuffed and bond, stripped by knife, then chained into the King's favorite pillory garden. Although private, the king will let his mean pass through ... looking, but not touching.

Looking. Only looking, despite his troops having far better dreams for how to humiliate and humble the enemy.

Only looking, for rumor has it that she's a virgin. The king likes to hear such rumors. Yet the king being a realist ... and afraid of blood, so he likes his virgins stretched out a little bit first.

And so she hangs, little bells sounding if she struggles, which earn her a quick painful lash on the ass.

All night she hangs, proof that she is but a common wench, with two arms, two legs, and holes suitable for pounding by virile men.

The next day, after suitable private pounding by one man, the king, he shows off his new pet to his noblemen and councilors. Adorned in gems and gold chains, the whore seems delightfully harmless. Many node and smile, relieved that the barbarian menace has ended. Progress and expansion can begin.

That evening, the Barbarian Princess walks home. She manged to find a pair of comfortable boots to fit her ... nice boots. A good day! She also likes the sword and battle ax she was given by a few dead guards.

Plus what princess couldn't find use for excess gold and gems begging to be remade into more practical things?

Did the king let her go?

Let us just say that the king ... as do most mortal men ... underestimated our sweet young Barbarian Princess.

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix A4][Dryades hair][NoNane outfit][Primitive Bondage Kit (loads of fun with sticks!)][Davi Pichard World #1][Palace of Leaves]