Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cow Poke? Poking Cows?

Well, it's off-season, and ya'll just never know where you'r gonna find Santa's vacationing elves! Look'e here. This one's cow-girl'n, but looks like she's taken offense at jests by some drunk cow-pokes ... something about a cow they wan'a poke. Fight'n words fer sure. I'll leave 'em to it.
(Sometime later ...)

Better check on things ... hmmph. Not really sur-prizen, I guess.
Look'e here, elf missy. When you're barely 4 foot tall, weight maybe 70 pounds ... when wet, best fight with ya winchester stead of your fists! Hmm, but prudy nice scenery you got there. Nice indeed. How may I help you, Ma'am?

(I was just playing around last night. This outfit didn't fit Aiko4 so well, and the panties looked like crap so I used Rhiannon's Cutoff Jeanz instead. They fit and pose extremely well. I've always liked the Primitive Bondage kit - the way the ropes and poles work by being split & pointing at each other is very clever ... other vendors aught to take note.]

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix A4][Cindy Short Hair][Calamity outfit][Cutoff Jeanz][Lisa-B dead & creepy plants][TerraDome][old Beach Pavilion][Daz Python and songbird][Primitive Bondage Kit]

Monday, March 3, 2014

Power Girl Meets Dr Evil!

Gadzooks! Dr Evil has his new nudy-ray in hand, and he strips Power Girl of her defensive layers one by one! What will happen next?

Well fortunately for our heroine, Dr Evil doesn't get out much, so her secret weapons distract the evil scientist long enough ...

I was curious how one makes an animated GIF, so I read up on a tutorial for GIMP. The outfit is the old "Close Combat Dress for A4" called Marine by Red Viper. It was at ShareCG, but is long gone.